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MusicGoals Demo

ear training, sight reading, and music theory applied to piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, and bass - MusicGoals offers study, practice, and testing to improve skills, gain knowledge of instruments and music theory, and train the musical ear. This program was designed for musicians of all ages from beginners to very advanced. Courses for each instrument are provided or custom routines may be set up to meet specific needs. Each student file maintains progress and custom settings. Scores, detailed lists of mistakes, average response time for each drill may be printed at the end of a practice session. MusicGoals Demo is a demo categorized under music tools.

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MusicGoals Eye and Ear

MusicGoals Eye and Ear focuses on skills without rhythm such as notation, sound, instrument knowledge, and music theory. Drill each element in staff notation, in sound, and on a screen diagram of your instrument. By combining related activities, learn to connect what you hear with notation and your instrument. Learn Music Fundamentals, Ear Training, Sight-Reading, and Music Theory. Master notes, scales, intervals, chords by eye and ear. Study piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, or bass. Learn to read music, play by ear, improvise, and memorize. There are 62 activities each having levels for beginners to very advanced musicians. Together with MusicGoals Rhythm (not included) the MusicGoals programs build aural and performance skill while developing a firm understanding of notation and music theory. Each skill is isolated so that it can be developed independently. Areas of weakness are revealed and efficiently mastered. Skills improve quickly in small steps. With MusicGoals you: - work at your own pace. - choose the skills you want to improve or follow a pre-planned course. - adjust the level of difficulty to meet your needs. - review progress, scores, mistake details, and adjust your focus. - customize and generate additional drills. - gain knowledge and skills quickly. - maintain and improve musicianship skills. Windows Vista and XP. Developed for serious-minded musicians and teachers since 2000. This is a commercial listed under education teaching, training tools category.

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MusicGoals Rhythm

Rhythm training software for all musicians, develop timing and coordination, learn to read and notate rhythms. Four activities: Play Along, Repeat After, Reading, and Dictation. Practice and measure rhythmic performance. Master skills step by step that lead to outstanding musicianship. Tap the computer keyboard or use an external midi keyboard. Follow courses provided or create unlimited random and semi-random drills that will challenge and build skills. Use the standard metronome or choose one of the drum beat options that encourage feeling the beat and the use of large muscles. MusicGoals Rhythm offers interactive music lessons and training. As objectives are mastered practical knowledge and musicianship skills are gained. MusicGoals will gradually increase the challenge, remember mistakes, and give extra practice where needed. Watch your progress with printable reports that show scores, detailed lists of mistakes, and average response time for each drill. Adjust the tempo to your own pace. Stop and practice or go back and repeat any level. Create unlimited custom and random drills based upon your needs. MusicGoals offers training tools for serious musicians and is used in teaching studios, schools, and by individuals throughout the USA and worldwide. MusicGoals Rhythm is a education software.

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