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Finder is a powerful...

Advanced File Finder

Finder is a powerful tool for really fast and easy searching any files on your computer or local network. It is radical alternative for standard MS Windows file search utility. Finder features: Find files, which Windows can't! Find any files on your computer or local network. Mask search with "*" and "?" wildcats characters. String search in files, including PDF Files, Microsoft Office, CHM and ZIP files. Optional code page selection OEM-DOS, ANSI-Windows, Unicode-Windows 2000/XP, UTF-8. Invers substring search. Search in ZIP archives option. Text or CSV report on finded files. Preview panel for picture and substring search. Search files by size option. Search in result option. Specially optimized fast files processing. And more... system utilities file, disk management shareware listed in system utilities file, disk management section.

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Easy-to-use Contact ...

iReferent Light

Easy-to-use Contact Manager for small business and home users that organizes your personal call center to work in "hot" mode (while speaking) and keeps track of unlimited number of your contacts with this customizable data warehouse. It has the unique database structure: you can add into the database any (!) number of the description fields, from name of your pet to your boss car mark. But for all that you might fill only those specific fields in every record, which are really necessary. Also the application allows you to keep the detail phone call history, dial phone numbers directly from the program using a modem, lunch of browser or email to a contact's site. New module of plug-ins allows you to attach to the software additional functions designed specially for your needs. With Data Wizard you can print data from your database or/and to save them as a text csv-format file. And you can save your report as a separate file in special format and then send it to anybody by email, copy it to a floppy disk or print them later. pim[personal information manager] shareware listed in pim[personal information manager] section.

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Super light and easy...


Super light and easy-to-use Internet Radio Player for Microsoft Windows to play and record streaming music from thousands of free online stations and to playing audio files from a local or network hard disks. Support following formats: stream playing and recording- mp3, wma, asf; audio playing - mp3, mp2, mp1, wav, cda, mod, etc. It is like a radio in your car: a full functional device with super-easy user interface (even a kid knows how to use it). No useless buttons and options, easy-to-use/keep/edit/add radio/audio database, minimum of system resources. Features include channel handling, a station db keeping, volume control, set of useful configuration options, improved stability and simplicity! In Meta record mode whole song can be saved even if you start recording in the middle of the song! And even more - you can run the program from command line to record music while you are sleeping! iRadioNet license is freeware and it is listed in audio, multimedia other software.

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Quick Folders is use...

Quick Folders

Quick Folders is useful tool for quick and easy access to your favorite and recent folders. With Quick Folders tool you do not need to expand each time the same multi-level folders structure to reach your files. All you need is to add new items in a list of your favorite folders, like you do in the Internet browser. Recent folders will be managed automatically. Quick Folders license is freeware and it is listed in desktop enhancements software.

Keywords: internet browser easy access folders personnel records windows 95 windows 98

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