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Skymol Communicator Live Chat Software

Skymol Communicator is a new multi-media web-hosted customer service and live chat, live help system using Voice, Video, Text Chat and their simultaneous combinations communication forms through your web site. Skymol offers on-demand customer service software, help desk software for online sales and customer service. Our new solution establishes a powerful communications interface inside a web page, creating a live real-time multi-media connection between an agent and a web site visitor. It is easy to use with no software downloads or user setups, or without setting any hardware equipments (except webcams and headsets). It is completely web-based. You just log in to Skymol Communication Services Network and it works. It lets you talk live in voice, voice & video, and chat of course with your customers and web site visitors from anywhere in the world so you can build a personal relationship with them with no phone costs. Skymol Communicator includes voice mail and video mail as well. Using Skymol Communicator, you can increase sales, reduce operating costs as well as enhance the overall online experience of your customers. Key features of Skymol Communicator are the following: Real time Voice, Voice & Video, and Chat Communications; Voice & Video Mail with E-mail (If your agents are offline, your customers can leave them a voice or voice & video mail or text message instead.); Push Page; File Transfer; Call and Chat Transfer; Audio and Video Messages while on hold (Target your customers with field specific audio and video messages. Show them your new products, services, business related information, etc. Don`t let their attention get lost while they are on hold.); Voice, Voice & Video Record; Email Transcripts; View and Search past Chats and Voice, Voice & Video Conversations; Usage Statistics; Customizable Skin, etc. You can try a fully-featured Standard account with your own web site, for 7 days, with no obligation to purchase. Skymol Communicator Live Chat Software license is commercial and it is listed in business helpdesk, remote pc software.

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Skymol Voice Mail, Video Mail Software

Skymol Voice & Video Mail with E-mail Software allows your customers and web site visitors to leave your business voice mail, voice/video mail, and text mail messages. It is easy to use with no software downloads or without setting any hardware equipments. It's completely web-based and FREE! The offline voice, voice & video messages and e-mails can be left departments, agents, company representatives and e-mail addresses from your web site(s), newsletters, e-mails, MS Word, PDF documents, etc. Make your business more accessible and your web site, e-mails, newsletters, documents more human so that your customers, friends and visitors are able to explain something out easier and faster, and even loud and visual. Our service helps your business to increase customer satisfaction and comfort level, and encourage customer retention. Key features of Skymol Voice & Video Mail with E-mail are the following: Voice, Voice/Video and Text Messages; Voice, Voice & Video Messages Download; No Software Download and Setup; View and Search past Voice, Voice/Video Mails and Text Messages; Email Message Transcripts; Customizable Skin; Spam Free. It's FREE! This is a freeware listed under communications web and video cams category.

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