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Want to know who visits your computer through the network and which shared resources and files they view and copy? SessionsMonitor does the trick! SessionsMonitor Server main features: - Monitors a lot of remote computers at one time from one place! - Allows to view report of each client - Allows remote managing of active sessions The software can send e-mail notifications and daily reports and can also generate web-based report. SessionsMonitorServer license is shareware and it is listed in network, internet network monitoring software.

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FtpSearcher searches...


FtpSearcher searches FTP servers for specific files.Also, it downloads and saves these files to your computer. Make the most of your search at FTP servers with FtpSearcher. FtpSearcher main features: Searches for files at FTP servers Saves selected files on your computer Ensures a fast, multithreaded search. FtpSearcher is a internet software.

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YourFolder allows yo...


YourFolder allows you to control changes in a folder and make predefined actions like: Synchronize with other folder Copy/Backup files to other folder Monitor for new files (sends E-mails) Delete files by mask (e.g. *.avi) YourFolder is very useful in cases when you have public or shared folders, like FTP/HTTP service or just network share. YourFolder also sends email notifications! YourFolder is a utilities software.

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A tool that helps yo...

IP Traffic Monitor

A tool that helps you watch your network activity and see which connections take a lot of traffic. Also saves daily logs and allows you to view the saved logs. IP Traffic Monitor main features: Monitors IP traffic in real-time Works with proxy servers Save traffic logs Displays network activity also as graphic. This utilities software is listed under network, internet network monitoring.

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NetSearcher searches...


NetSearcher searches various resources for specific files. It can search through networks, domains, computers or shared resources. NetSearcher allows you to view and search through all the shared resources that are hidden. It helps you save your time and money when you need to quickly find the information on your network. You might also be very surprised by the content of hidden shared resources on your network: a definite plus in your search! NetSearcher can save identified network structure so that you could easily retrieve it if needed. NetSearcher main features: Searches through shared files that are hidden Searches for files on networks Searches for files in a workgroup or domain Searches for files on a computer or a separate shared resource Obtains and saves the network tree to facilitate navigation Ensures a fast, multithreaded search. NetSearcher is a utilities software.

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