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Full Motion Video

Not only an outstanding multi-format movie and still viewer, FMV5 now lets you edit, cut, copy, paste and trim your audio and video in real-time. You can add effects and transitions to your video clips, color correct, change speed and create overlays all in real-time. No more waiting for renders to see your creation. You may even change the speed of your video and join multiple video clips of different formats and sizes into the same file. This includes variable bit rate DivX and Windows Media formats. Apply transitions and effects with frame level accuracy and ease to both video, audio and stills. You can control your media with either the mousewheel or a professional multimedia controller such as the 'Contour ShuttlePro'. FMV also supports most common audio formats including Mp3, WAV and WMA professional. When you are finished, write the movie to a file, send it to your camcorder or put it on a Web site. FMV can also create 'Full frames uncompressed' video of any size and frame rate. FMV also features DV capture and 'write back' with a full set of camera transport controls. There is no limit to the number of effects and transitions that can be layered together, giving you total control of your video editing. Organize your video and audio media items into 'collections'. Store and share commonly used collections, so several users can quickly reuse items in a single project, or across several projects. FMV is written to fully exploit the power of Windows XP and DirectX including any graphics cards and mpeg decoders that are optimized for DirectX. FMV will also take full advantage of multi-CPU systems. If you've ever wanted to try video editing, this is the software for you. FMV's ease of use , low cost and simple interface make it an ideal choice. multimedia shareware listed in multimedia section.

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