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Are code reviews too...

Code Reviewer

Are code reviews too hard or too slow? Code Reviewer lets developers review each other's source code changes before they are checked into the version control system. Developers can comment on specific lines of code, pass around reviews, and automatically save all information in the version control system. Code Reviewer is a shareware categorized under source control,sourcesafe,cvs,perforce,diff tools.

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Code Historian perfo...

Code Historian

Code Historian performs file-differencing and code analysis, and assists with code reviews using information already present in your SourceSafe, Perforce, or CVS version control system. There is no server installation, and Code Historian works with any CVS or Perforce client software. These features are accessible through Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio .NET and 2003, the right-button menu in Explorer, or the command-line. Code Historian license is shareware and it is listed in source control,sourcesafe,cvs,perforce,diff software.

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Is your project drag...

Code Metrics

Is your project dragging or flying? Code Metrics provides project-wide reports, graphs, and data-mining drilling down into single-file analyses, visualizations, and historical information. Export data to Excel, HTML, XML, or a database. This is a shareware listed under source control,sourcesafe,cvs,perforce,diff category.

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