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Smart Imaging Spreadsheet or SIMAGIS is an image processing and analysis platform combining features of digital photo album, spreadsheet and imaging applications. It is based on tables with cells, which can contain and process images, numeric and textual data, graphs, vector graphics, Web-pages, XSL-FO documents and other objects. Product is compatible with all major imaging devices such as cameras, scanners and microscopes, as well as Windows(TM) software applications. SIMAGIS includes built-in editors for images, texts and Web documents, and a variety of functions for basic and advanced image processing and analysis. Images and other data are processed using spreadsheet technology. The functions are placed into table cells, process data and return results to cells. This method significantly simplifies use of repeatable operations. Product includes ready spreadsheet templates for typical tasks. Advanced users can extend SIMAGIS abilities further with custom Java modules (plugins and macros). Along with the platform, company releases series of ready-to-use applications for scientific, business and consumer markets (sold separately). This is a demo listed under graphics, imaging, image editing, spreadsheet, utilities, multimedia, graphics editors, java image processing, image processing category.

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SIMAGIS - Smart Imaging Spreadsheet

Smart Imaging Spreadsheet (SIMAGIS) is a unique spreadsheet-based product for image editing and processing. The product includes functions for resizing, rotating, adjusting brightness and contrast, optimizing image quality, visual effects, measuring objects, generating Web pages and more. SIMAGIS allows you to automate repetitive tasks, as well as realize your creative imaging ideas. The current version of the product contains the following modules (SIMAGIS templates). * Visual Batch Designer allows you to design a chain of imaging actions for preparing and optimizing one or multiple images. * Easy Thumbnail Creator lets you build image galleries for publishing on the Web. * Customization by Example tools greatly simplify customization of imaging functions. * Work Table allows to design and use imaging algorithms. Save your knowledge and methods as work tables and share them with your colleagues and friends! SIMAGIS tables can contain not only images, but also vector graphics, web pages, XSL-FO documents (exportable to PDF), numeric and textual data, graphs and more. SIMAGIS supports import from scanners (TWAIN), photo and video cameras. The set of imaging functions can be easily extended with custom Java modules. Updates and new templates are available for downloading on the SIMAGIS web site. Improve your work efficiency with Smart Imaging Spreadsheet. Try and see! SIMAGIS - Smart Imaging Spreadsheet license is shareware and it is listed in graphics, graphics, multimedia, imaging, image editing, spreadsheet, utilities, multimedia, graphics editors, java image processing, image processing software.

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