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Anasil is an advanced software network analyzer of Ethernet networks for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. Its basic functions include: network link monitoring; creating and maintaining of a list of active network stations (computers); testing of the network link and connection between stations; reporting events that some network state parameters exceeded previously defined limits; frame grabbing and analysis; sniffer software detection. New Anasil 2.2 introduces the concept of Desktop Agent - a small, resident module to be started automatically with the system on the network station. The Agent communicates with the main ANASIL system and provides it with detailed information on the station's configuration. It may also shut down or restart the station remotely, or send the station's screen dump. ANASIL Desktop Agent's operation is transparent to the user. The supervisor may protect the access to its functions with a password! Anasil is a ideal tool for network administrators, installers and software developers. Provides detailed informationon network utilization, uses point-to-point tests to check reliability and speed of network connections with selected stations. ANASIL can capture and decode network packets with programmable protocol decoder. Automatically identifies and prepares the list of active network stations so non authorized access can be easily descovered. Anasil is a development tools software.

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