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Hotkey Assistant

Powerful and easy-to-use hotkey manager with wide range of capabilities. It provides you with additional means to control applications, windows, and other system components. For example, you can assign keyboard shortcuts for quick access to any application, file or folder, ejecting and closing the CD-ROM tray etc. Hotkey Assistant allows to assign separate hotkeys to control volume options for each playback or recording device.

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This software allows every application have separate volume level, independent from other applications volume level. Bespoke per-application volume, IndieVolume also supports per-application balance and mute. IndieVolume is extremly useful for VoIP applications. When application marked as "exclusive" plays a sound, IndieVolume automatically mutes all other applications. IndieVolume allows per-application selection of playback device. IndieVolume is a shareware software filed under desktop other utilities.

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Keystroke Converter

This tool can customize your keyboard layout, change any key on the keyboard to other keys, replace keyboard shortcuts, execute micro or windows action. Keystroke Converter is a shareware software filed under system utilities shell tools utilities.

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Power Mixer

This audio software is a complete Volume Control replacement that lets you easily change the sound volume by simply rotating the mouse wheel or by using hot keys. It includes an audio mixer, a scheduler, OSD, command line support, customizable presets. This audio shareware Power Mixer is categorized under audio, multimedia other.

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True Launch Bar

This software is a Superior replacement for standard Quick Launch. True Launch Bar allows you to combine your shortcuts in groups. This feature looks like popup menus. This vastly improves the management of your shortcuts and save working space. True Launch Bar is a shareware software filed under launcher, shell, toolbars utilities.

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SequBeat Pro

SequBeat offers a full virtual drum kit for all of your practicing and songwriting needs. It works as a sequencer for constructing percussion quality sounds. SequBeat comes with the "Power" drum library that features 16 great samples. The Power kit items include a kick, high hat, snare, cymbal, shaker, rimshot and much more. You'll also be able to import up to 32 samples of your own.

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Multi Flash Video Player

Stream .flv (Flash Video) feeds from your website quickly and easily with this multiple-video applet. Multi Flash Video Player is licensed as commercial and placed in web development php section.

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Freeware application that allows you to control the volume of your computer using the mousewheel. When the mouse wheel is clicked (middle mouse button) the sound will be muted. When used with a full screen application the top right corner will be used. Extremely intuitive in use. Uses very little computer resources and comes with full installer and deinstaller. Standard functions of the mousewheel are not affected in any way. This audio freeware WheelsOfVolume is categorized under mp3, audio utilities and plug-ins, utilities system utilities, shell, desktop enhancements utilities.

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