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MorphBuster is a pho...


MorphBuster is a photo morphing software that creates morph animations from one photo to another. Flash, Animated GIF, JPEG, and other formats are supported. The program is very intuitive and user friendly and with a click of a button you can animate photos of friends, pets, celebrities, or just about anything. You can also have your animation displayed inside nice digital border frames. The morphing animation can be viewed real time. Creating stunning morph animations has never been easier. This is a shareware listed under multimedia, graphics category.

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PaintBuster is a fas...


PaintBuster is a fast, compact and innovative photo manipulation and image creation tool. PaintBuster is trying to be simple for beginners and powerful for professionals and has received many awards for it's ease of use. PaintBuster's intuitive GUI turns difficult tasks into simple procedures that most anyone can master within minutes rather than days or weeks. Just download and do it! Use PaintBuster for Photo Enhancement, Photo Retouch, Photo Restoration, Photo Manipulation, Red Eye Removal, Scratch Removal and Image Creation. Use PaintBuster to create your own business card, birthday card, broshure etc. It's much easier than you think. PaintBuster gives you complete control of your images, on pixel, color, palette and print level. With a click of a button, you have a huge number of paint tools at your disposal. All with anti-aliasing, transparency and texture capabilities. PaintBuster supports all variations of all popular file formats. Try out the Deform feature; it's great fun. This is a shareware listed under graphic apps editors category.

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