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Poker Challenge

This game is an exciting blend of poker and solitaire rolled into one very addicting game. As in poker (and especially solitaire), there is an element of chance; but it will quickly become apparent that much more than luck is required for winning at Poker Challenge. You must look at the cards with a keen eye and think strategically in order to build high scores (and you're awarded bonuses for exceptional play). Poker Challenge is a shareware software filed under card games, strategy games utilities.

element of chance help system addicting

O&O CleverCache

This tool V4 is a unique tool to optimize the File Cache Management of Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. This results in an enormous performance boost and may double the original system speed - without any new hardware and without restricting your system's stability.

system speed paging file resource management


Protect your kids from harmful information on the Internet and monitor them irrespective of where you are. This internet shareware CyberSieve is categorized under network, internet network monitoring.

internet filtering irrespective whar

EXE Stealth Packer

This Packer coment with Protection Technology that deals exclusively with protection against modern cracking techniques. It makes a Windows application prone to modification with a very high standard protection system containing control over the license. Protecting applications against cracking and copying has just become better! This shareware is archived under development management, distribution category.

scr files protection serials

ID Unlocker

This utility is a handy utility which acts as an Explorer extension to help you unlock files. It gets rid of error accessing messages and error deleting files or folders and allows you to proceed with computer related actions. Main features includes: unlocking inaccessible folders, deletes files that can't normally be deleted, erasing and moving of selected applications, kills processes at your request. This shareware is archived under system utilities file, disk management category.

high quality handy utility id unlocker


This software is a new desktop alternative for 2000/XP/Vista. RbVdesktop is improvement of classical desktop Windows. Replace standard icons on unusual animated RbV_icons. Add animated desktop elements for Windows - applications (such as WMP, IE, my computer and other). This shareware is archived under system utilities shell tools category.

shell desktop windows windows applications

ConnectCode Duplicate Remover

This office software is a powerful add-in for finding and removing duplicates entries in Excel. It can save you hours of time when you need to find the unique items within a massive list of multiple entries. With the Duplicate Remover Add-in, you will be able to find the unique items and store them in a new worksheet, hide the duplicates in the original list, highlight the duplicates with a background color, compare two lists, and more. This business commercial ConnectCode Duplicate Remover is categorized under business office suites, tools.

dialog toolabr cells

HS FTP Client C Source Library

HS FTP is a software library in C (supplied with full source code) which implements the client side of the File Transfer Protocol over TCP socket layer according to RFC 959. The library allows a user application to connect to remote FTP servers, traverse server directory structure and send and receive files. The HS FTP protocol module supports passive mode data connections, user / password authentication and a number of commonly used FTP commands. Development Tools demo HS FTP Client C Source Library is listed in development components, libraries tools.

address username name resolution data connections


SMS Wizard is the ultimate software solution for sending short messages (SMS) to pagers and cellular phones using standard SNPP protocol (RFC1861: Simple Network Paging Protocol).

program interface simple network paging protocol short messages


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