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Global Downloader

GD is a universal application to search and download files from the Internet quickly and conveniently. It combines many functions of different Internet programs like P2P client, FTP client and Download Manager. This shareware is archived under ftp client category.

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Software that is a proxy support utility for the Internet. Shields your IP address for privacy. Easy change browser proxy settings,import proxy lists,verify HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxies,proxy ban list,proxy country,etc.

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This internet utility - SSL VPN client - Easy External Intranet Access. GetMyLAN provides road warriors and business partners with secure access to back-end servers and resources. Our technology gives you protected access to your LAN from anywhere. Internet shareware GetMyLAN is listed in network, internet remote computing tools.

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Internet Lock

nternet Lock is the access control and password protection solution for your internet connections and programs. By using Internet Lock, you can password protect any program from accessing internet, you also can block any internet program. Utilities shareware Internet Lock is listed in security, privacy access control tools.

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NJWIN allows user to read and print Chinese/Japanese/Korean (CJK) languages on normal English or western Windows. It's most useful for viewing CJK web pages, read CJK email and newsgroup discussions. The program also allow user to read CJK language in Microsoft Office, and support many CJK native language programs on English Windows.

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SoftX HTTP Debugger

This software is a full-scale tool for developers for debugging and analyzing all outgoing and incoming HTTP traffic between their programs and/or web browser and the Internet. Each HTTP request and response can be examined to view the HTTP header parameter values, cookies, query strings and error codes etc. Each HTTP transaction can be examined to see the HTTP header parameter values, cookies, query strings and error codes etc.

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Complete Anonymous Internet

This internet tool is an internet utility to hide your IP address when you are browsing the web, posting messages to usenet news groups, sending emails and using all other internet related software. Connecting to internet via a socks proxy is also the best protection against viruses, trojans and other malware.

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SoftX HTTP Monitor

Control each outgoing HTTP request from your computer and protect your privacy. A simple HTTP monitoring software. SoftX HTTP Monitor is a shareware software filed under network, internet network monitoring utilities.

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