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Lightning bar

Can you remember all of your important folders? Do you spend several minutes looking for a folder? Stop wasting time now! Lightning Bar will let you access any folder in a flash. It can save your time: To look for a folder, you have to expand the notes one by one in the directory tree and drag the scroll bar up and down, this will waste your time, break your workflow and draw your attention away from your thoughts. With a favorite shortcut list from Lightning Bar, you can visit any folder in a second. It is available where you need it: When you open Windows Explorer or any common open file dialog box, Lightning Bar will display beside it at the same time and provide the easiest way to you to access folders. Lightning Bar supports Windows Explorer, Ms-Office (97-2007) open/save file dialog boxes and common select file/folder dialog boxes. system utilities file, disk management shareware listed in system utilities file, disk management section.

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LeafPicker allows yo...


LeafPicker allows you to capture and save Web pages, html snippet, image and flash files while surfing. Once you start a job, LeafPicker will process it on the background without breaking your surfing or working; when a job finishes, a message box will show at the corner of the desktop for informing you. LeafPicker is available with IE and IE-cored browsers. (e.g.: Maxthon browser) LeafPicker is a very useful tool for every graphic designer, programmer, or the person who wants to save html page/snippet, graphics or flash from Internet web pages. LeafPicker license is shareware and it is listed in browser plug-ins software.

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