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Chameleon Desktop is...

Chameleon Desktop

Chameleon Desktop is an advanced graphical utility that will allow you to apply different artistic effects to your desktop wallpaper. Creating incredible professional looking desktop wallpapers has never been easier! Chameleon Desktop is a graphics software.

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The skinnable digita...

Chameleon Clock

The skinnable digital clock that replaces Windows tray clock and thus does not eat any desktop space. Enjoy customising its look using Winamp skins and bitmap digits - there are more than 3000 of them available. It always keeps exact time by synchronizing your clock with Internet Time Servers. Need to be reminded to make a call, go to a meeting, or just not to miss a TV program? Try the alarm feature that makes messages using MP3, WAV, MIDI, and CD-Audio sounds, opens applications/documents, and shuts down your PC at the specified time. It's also very handy to have a calendar, both floating and in the Tooltip, and time zones support. There is also one feature that you probably will not want others to see, and that's why it cannot be described here... Chameleon Clock license is shareware and it is listed in time and clock programs software.

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Surfpack Startpage i...

Surfpack Startpage

Surfpack Startpage is a real lifesaver for people who know what they want on the Internet and regularly visit the same web sites. Basically, Surfpack Startpage builds a single HTML page that contains all your favorite web resources displayed in whatever way, form or shape you might like - favorite URL links, newsfeeds, entire web pages, etc. The page you create also comes with search tools, horoscopes, current weather conditions, LiveJournal diaries, humor, and other web modules. There are dozens of tools to make your online experience with Surfpack much more enjoyable than simple web surfing cluttered with unwanted banners and pop-up ads. Unlike online portals, no registration and login is required. Surfpack Startpage resides locally on your computer, so it loads instantly even if you don't have an Internet connection established. Surfpack Startpage comes with various web modules, including: - RSS Reader for two most popular newsfeeds format, RSS and Atom. - Bookmark modules with one-click access to your most favorite websites. - One-click search in several search engines. - Current weather conditions. - Broken URL restoring - (Ever tried to cut and paste long URLs broken by email program? Clipboard URL module will do this boring work for you.) - Startpage Guard - (If by chance your start page is stolen by a spyware or a Trojan Horse, this will bring it back.) - Personal Daily Horoscope - Quotes of the moment - Pictures of the day, cartoons, etc. In addition, Surfpack Startpage supports many popular syndication formats: RSS, Atom, XML/XSL, JavaScript, HTML. Even if you don't know what these words stand for, you can still experience their power without having to learn anything new. And best of all, it's free! No nags, ads, or spyware attached. web surfing start pages,web surfing bookmarks,web surfing rss aggregators,web surfing browser utilities freeware listed in web surfing start pages,web surfing bookmarks,web surfing rss aggregators,web surfing browser utilities section.

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