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Crossword Forge is a...

Crossword Forge

Crossword Forge is an easy to use classroom style crossword and word search puzzle maker. It quickly generates puzzles from your words for the web, print, and PDF. Features: -Generate high quality Flash web, print and PDF puzzles, puzzle images, and puzzle text -Type puzzle data directly, or import it from many different text formats -Built-in spell checker -Unlimited undo and redo -Support for restricted word lists in word search mode (i.e. helps eliminate accidental "naughty words" in your word search puzzles) -Bonus Clues for Crossword and Word Search -Multiple puzzle titles -Font, Style, Size and Justification controls -Unlimited clue and answer length -Color and Picture backdrops -Customizable Across and Down text -Supports puzzle grids of any size -Puzzle clues can span multiple pages -Customizable grid block size -Allows for manual puzzle repositioning within backdrop -Crossword Options -Toggle Clue and Word Bank Visibility (supports fill-ins) -Word Bank Scramble -Word Search Options -Show Clues or Word Bank -Word Bank Scramble -Toggle Backwards and Diagonal Words -Built-in Support for making foreign language crossword puzzles. -Built-in Language Sets Include: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese etc. -Support for characters with accents, umlauts and other diacritical marks (great for Spanish, French and German puzzles). -Support for Right to Left scripts like Arabic and Hebrew -Supports scripts and alphabets with combining ligatures like Punjabi -Full Unicode support. This is a shareware listed under education teaching, training tools category.

Keywords: ligatures diacritical marks puzzle clues style crossword crossword puzzles language sets quality flash classroom style diagonal words grid block naughty words word search puzzle maker puzzle grids puzzle images word search puzzles puzzle titles word search puzzle word bank spell checker scramble word field data level passwords

Allows you to create...

Road Trip Effect

Allows you to create video travel logs of all the places you visit and then turn them into movies that iMovie and other movie editors will recognize (Quicktime Format). Comes with 17 high quality maps from all over the world that you can use as is, or customize for your specific needs. You can also use your own maps. (.jpg, .bmp, .png, .pict or .tiff) Configure and customize to your heart's content, as you have full control over: - How many stops - Trail Labels - Trail Color - Vehicle icon (Choose from our stock or use a custom icon) - Trail Width - Fade Length (or no fade) - Opacity - Effect Duration - Video Format (NTSC, PAL, 720p or 1080p) - Background Map Image - Trails automatically wrap if you drag past the edge of the map. This is perfect for showing your around the world journeys. Road Trip Effect is a shareware categorized under audio, multimedia video tools tools.

Keywords: labels stock heart editors travel logs video travel 720p format ntsc world journeys map pict opacity high quality tiff png quality maps custom icon bmp duration new menu graphic component

An all purpose scien...


An all purpose scientific calculator, designed with programmers in mind. Key Features: - Supports a rich expression format, which is in most cases identical to what you would type in your programming language. - Support for adding unlimited numbers of variables or variable expressions. - Built-in debugger that lets you see the expression simplified step by step. - Debugger Back-step lets you backup as many steps as you like so that you can replay critical operations. - C/C++ operator precedence - Mouse optional, all calculator commands and functions can be done using the keyboard alone. - Mini-Calc Mode lets your calculator take up very little screen real estate, and yet remain entirely usable. - Running paper tape(s) (1 per calculator) for calculations, allows annotations, and is stored between runs. - Built-in Ascii chart makes it easy to look up even invisible characters. - View results in big endian (default) or little endian. - Numerous built-in unit conversions (memory sizes, lengths, areas, volumes, temperatures, currency etc.) - Built-in great circle route and straight line distance calculators. Input/Output Formats: - Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hexadecimal, Booleans, Characters, UTF-8 (out only), and UTF-16 (out only) - Convert automatically between these types in your expression with the keyboard, a button, or a contextual menu. Operators and Functions: - Standard: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Modulus, Power, Square Root - Grouping: Parenthesis - Variables: Previous Answer - Bitwise: complement, and, or, xor, shift left, shift right - Comparators: equals, less than, greater than, less than or equal, greater than or equal - Logical: and, or, and not - Trigonometric: Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Arc-Sine, Arc-Cosine, Arc-Tangent, Degrees To Radians, Radians to Degrees - Other: Min, Max, Round, Ceiling, Floor, Absolute Value, Sign Constants: - e and Pi. iota-calc license is shareware and it is listed in development debugging software.

Keywords: paper tape arc sine great circle route memory sizes rich expression contextual menu tangent arc shift right arc cosine addition subtraction unit conversions scientific calculator ascii chart comparators c operator precedence critical operations programming language support invisible characters variable expressions square root network monitoring tools enemy ships

Quickly put together...

Quiz Press

Quickly put together tests (for Web and Print) with multiple choice, true/false, fill-in the blanks, short answer, and cloze style questions. All question types can contain text, images, sounds, music, video and interactive components. Multiple Choice questions can have an unlimited amount of choice options. Includes a built-in spell checker. Quiz Press license is shareware and it is listed in education teaching, training tools software.

Keywords: sounds music question types choice options multiple choice questions short answer music video fill in the blanks interactive components text images style questions cloze spell checker type 3 auto selection

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