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ST Invoice Standard

ST Invoice allows you to create invoices and estimates while out of the office. This software was born out of necessity since there was nothing like it on the market. It can be customized to be used in ANY industry. Its powerful ability to be tailored to your needs, makes this the most robust pocket pc invoice software available today. Key features include real time timer for hour based services, invoice templates, custom lookup items and line items, digital signature and much more! Features: * Easy Tab-based Navigation * Quick-View Panel * Timer * Import Contacts * Flexible Data Storage * Digital Signature - * Advanced Reporting * Powerful Line Item Management * Convert Estimates Into Invoices and track accuracy * Data Entry Customization * Lookup Parameters * Invoice Templates. This is a commercial listed under business accounting, finance category.

Keywords: timer data entry real time data storage digital signature pocket pc invoice software estimates easy tab invoices customization invoice templates flexible data parameters accuracy data flawless rectangle area

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