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Instant Eyedropper, ...

Instant Eyedropper

Instant Eyedropper, an useful tool that will instantly identify and automatically paste color codes of any pixel to the clipboard. The power and capabilities of this tool allows it to easily pick and auto paste to the clipboard the color code of any pixel on the screen in no time. The tool makes the multi-step process of identifying the color code of a pixel in just a single step. With the help of the tool avoid the lengthy process and save your precious time. The tool supports different color formats like the HTML, HEX, Delphi Hex, Visual Basic Hex, RGB and much more. The tools works in a smart and diligent manner by just pointing to the icon in the system tray and select the pixel color to be identified. Now the clipboard contains the color code in HTML format or any other format. This can be easily pasted and used in any text or HTML editor or the Color Picker tool of Photoshop. A must have tool for the webmasters will reduce their manual work and increase productivity. Instant Eyedropper license is freeware and it is listed in web development other software.

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Webmaster's Toolkit ...

Webmaster's Toolkit

Webmaster's Toolkit - this is a software utility that allows you quickly measure the size of objects on the screen, picking the colour value from any pixel of the screen and alter or produce your own colors with the Photoshop-style Color Picker. Common Features -pixel ruler for measuring the distance with perfect accuracy up to a pixel; -choice of any color with a PhotoShop-style Color Picker; -displaying values in most common formats (HEX, RGB, CMYK) -picking the colour value from any pixel of the screen; -adjusting the color. This program might be useful for web developers who often face the need to quickly measure the size of an object or the space between objects on the screen up to a pixel, quickly detect the color in an HTML code or alter its hue, brightness or saturation. Also the program may be useful for developers of different specializations who deal in one way or another with user interfaces. Webmaster's Toolkit license is shareware and it is listed in web development miscellaneous,multimedia and design utilities,utilities miscellaneous,web development web design utilities software.

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