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Macros IDE

Macros IDE is a powerful development platform based on ActiveX Scripting for rapidly customizing rich-client desktop applications and integrating them with existing systems. It enables customers to customize their software and meet specific business processes, rather than build solutions from scratch. This helps to save time and money and reduce risks. Macros IDE includes support for creating custom dialog boxes and ActiveX Controls for rapidly building user interfaces. Integrated development environment offers the advantages of fast, in-process performance and the ability to build solutions without the use of additional tools. Programs that include Macros IDE can be tailored to fit specific business needs. This class of applications enables developers to quickly build solutions that require less end-user training. Macros IDE helps you: - Make applications easier to maintain; - Create functions and automate processes; - Create and manipulate objects; - Reuse code and speed up development cycle; - Reduce costs and increase productivity and more. Macros IDE provides: - Easy integration into any application; - VBScript and JScript languages for your macros; - Power editor with syntax checking, color-coded syntax, and support for code drag-and-drop; - IntelliSense features for instant syntax reference and object model assistance to reduce programming time; - Modal and modeless dialogs; - Powerful Forms Designer with built-in ActiveX Controls; - Properties window for ActiveX Controls properties and more. Macros IDE is a development tools software.

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