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StationPlaylist Creator

Low cost music & spot scheduler, and playlist creator software for radio station broadcasting, internet streaming, & in-store automated music systems. A user-definable playlist format provides compatibility with most audio players from Winamp through to sophisticated broadcast playback systems, including our own StationPlaylist Studio. Additional software is included to integrate with the Winamp audio player for a very low-budget automation solution. Playlists are based on hourly rotations of music categories and spots which may be scheduled for any hour of any day. Other features include: # Song & artist repeat protection. Prevents the same song, or songs by the same artist from repeating within a specified interval. # Generate a personalized interactive HTML playlist for staff or listeners to view upcoming playlists. # No maintenance of song details required. This is a big time saver when adding new tracks. # A sophisticated Playlist Editor to view, edit & print the generated playlist, including search, replace, insert and delete features. Drag & drop supported. # Voice tracking. Record and insert voice tracks in the playlist. This helps your station sound live during automation. # Automatic song intros/outros. Pre-recorded song introductions can be included along with selected songs. This can help your station sound live without voice tracking. # Generate Track Summaries for royalty payments, and Spot Summaries for advertisement billing. StationPlaylist Creator license is demo and it is listed in music scheduling,broadcasting,streaming audio,music management,multi format tools,utilities software.

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Ogg Vorbis comment e...


Ogg Vorbis comment editor, encoder & decoder. WinVorbis makes it easy to encode, enter & maintain tags for a whole CD. Encodes from WAV, RAW, AIF, APE to OGG. The same tags may be copied to all tracks easily without having to enter the text many times. WinVorbis provides for 6 user defined tags to be setup to make it easy to enter additional information. The Advanced tab provides the ability to view & maintain an unlimited number of non-standard tags. Multiple File Scan templates may be setup to create tags automatically based on the filename. Multiple File Save templates may also be created to rename the files when saved. Other features include: # Re-encode without loosing comments # Alphabetical case conversion # UTF-8 unicode compliant # Replay Gain support # Drag & drop from Windows. WinVorbis is a audio software.

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Low-cost digital aud...

StationPlaylist Studio

Low-cost digital audio on-air broadcast playback software for radio broadcasting and Internet streaming. Also suitable for in-store automated music systems. Features include: # Automation and Live Assist mode. # Continuous 24/7 play in automation mode. # Microphone control with music fade. # Manual & automatic Line-In control for external feeds (satellite etc). # Supports playing MP3 & OGG Internet streams for news feeds etc. # Play spots or events at specific times. # Generate a "Playing Now" HTML web page or text file and optionally upload to a FTP server. # 48 cart slots for instant jingles/sound effects etc. # 12 personalised carts per user/announcer login. # Password protection for changing options. # Insert, delete & move tracks in the live playlist. # Drag & drop tracks from Windows Explorer. # Insert tracks by searching a portion of the artist and/or title. # Automatic time-of-day announcement support (audio files not provided). # Auto-start in automated mode after power failure. # Detailed logging for royalty payments & advertisement billing. # Single keystrokes for Start, Stop, Mic and more. # Uses the powerful & robust Winamp audio engine. # Advanced automatic crossfading using 1 soundcard. # Track Preview available on a second soundcard. # Direct internet stream encoding via free DSP plugins. # Free sound processing/audio compressors/limiters available. # Supports MP3,MP2,OGG Vorbis,WMA,WAV,AIFF & CDA audio file formats. # No song database to maintain. # Works best with StationPlaylist Creator music scheduler. # Schedule new playlists to be created automatically (with Creator). # May run unattended in automation mode indefinitely (with Creator). Note: Requires Winamp2 and SQRSoft Crossfader installed. See the Download web page on our website for details. broadcasting,media players,multi-purpose players,audio players,mp3 players demo listed in broadcasting,media players,multi-purpose players,audio players,mp3 players section.

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