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Javelin is a lightweight, easy to use, intuitive object modeling and coding environment for Java. Create and manage classes, attributes, methods, inheritance and association relationships in the fastest way possible - visually. Switch between high level design tasks and low level coding tasks with the click of a button. Create new classes, establish relationships then drill down into the generated code to edit a method body. You'll be working at a higher, much more productive level within minutes via the 'Getting Started Tutorial'. Javelin's class lister makes finding that class in large project so easy. Javelin is a product of our customers' feedback and was modeled on our successful product Visual Class Works for C++. It also features an intuitive tool bar where one can fire off various tasks (eg., Ant) for building and running an application. Javelin also feature a useful import feature that allows you to import any existing Java code into Javelin. In the future all software development will take place in highly productive, visual design and coding tools like Javelin. Take advantage of that productivity today with Javelin. Javelin is a shareware categorized under web development java, javascript tools.

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AnFX empowers both p...


AnFX empowers both professionals and newbie web developers with a truly intuitive and efficient web authoring technology to create high impact menus, movies, presentations and export them as either Flash movies (.swf) or Java applets. It's so easy to use ... no coding or scripting required Installation is quick and YOU can be creating world class designs in 15 minutes! If you can use a mouse then you can develop AnFX designs using the point and click AnFX design studio on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. You don't need to learn a new computer language or create cryptic script files. The designer makes creating Flash? or Java? based animated content a breeze. View a screen shot here Text Effect, Menu and Button Wizards make it all so easy AnFX comes complete with a set of wizards to allow fast, easy creation of Text effects, menus and buttons. Scene Management AnFX is unique in its support for managed scenes. Scenes have been an integral part of the AnFX product architecture from day one. Quickly create links that jump from one scene to the next from menu items or buttons or from any other object. Slide Show Capability Combine common foreground and background layers with AnFX's scene management and you have an excellent tool for creating animated slide shows. Create online tutorials for your products, walk visitors through a process, provide online educational courses. With AnFX, everyone's an expert! Break free of HTML's limited capabilities Now anyone including individuals at home, graphic artists or corporate web developers can harness the power of Flash? or Java? to create incredible effects and express their creative ideas much more freely. Compact, Highly Optimized export files mean Fast Download and satisfied site visitors Some other tools generate extremely bulking .swf files that take users on 56K modems a long time to download. AnFX optimizes movie files to make them smaller than normal. AnFX license is shareware and it is listed in web authoring, flash animation tools software.

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