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Create instant screen demos with the highest compression ratio in the world. With SCREEN2EXE, with this 400K FREE tool you can: + Record onscreen changes to a self-played EXE file. + Record mouse movement and clicking. + Record speech from microphone. + Support partial recording. + Get smallest movie file for fast sharing. + Best quality and Scalable settings. This is a freeware listed under audio, multimedia presentation tools category.

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Screen Anytime is a ...

Screen Anytime

Screen Anytime is a Windows software which records onscreen activities during user session for future replay. It starts when a user login the server, and ends until he logout. During the session, all screen changes and mouse movements will be recorded in a highly compressed file. With Screen Anytime, it is easy for Administrator to know exactly what is done to the server, by whom and when. Based on SSCV2, a special compression algorithm designed for screen, a whole month's video can be compressed in just one DVD disc (typically). security, privacy other shareware listed in security, privacy other section.

Keywords: replay windows software compression algorithm logout screen changes mouse movements initial release email viewer

Recomposit is a phot...


Recomposit is a photo masking and compositing tool which precisely isolates image object from its background and merges it with others. The advanced masking methods: Bluescreen also called chroma key technology and inside/Outside edge will keep any details, hair, edge, shadow and transparency after they are recomposed. Recomposit also provides full environment to further compositing work without any support from other softwares. In extended edition, Recomposit supports Photoshop as its plugins. Recomposit license is shareware and it is listed in graphic apps editors software.

Keywords: photo masking compositing tool precisely transparency key technology bluescreen chroma key image object recomposit box and whisker plots intuitive windows

This screen recorder...


This screen recorder creates instant screen demos, tutorials and presentations with the highest compression ratio in the world. With SCREEN2SWF, the 1M only free to try screen recorder, you can: Record Record onscreen changes Record mouse movement and clicking. Record speech from microphone. High speed. Capture up to 30 frames per seconds with 'Max' mode. Your computer should be fast enough. Edit Add text, image and annotation into your recorded video. Add zoom in, focus, fade in/out effects. Add delay or cut clips. Export EXE self-play file Flash movie (SWF file) and AVI file. Best quality and Scalable settings The world smallest movie files for fast sharing. Beside above, it is fast and efficient, occupy less system resources. audio, multimedia presentation tools shareware listed in audio, multimedia presentation tools section.

Keywords: high speed system resources annotation max mode compression ratio zoom movie files text image mouse movement file flash 1m microphone screen recorder play by play customizable toolbars

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