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StockMedium add-on for TradeStation

StockMedium is an add-on for TradeStation which allows you to: * Select tickers which show predictability. * Estimate future ticker results. * Identify turning points in stock movements. * Work with stocks and Forex data. StockMedium uses a highly complex algorithm to create profiles of stock movements, speculatively modelling and then using a genetic selection process to refine the model over a large number of iterations and variables, allowing an almost infinite flexibility and precision to be achieved. StockMedium models the tickers during or after the close of trading, and uses these models in subsequent trades. This allows you to be armed with the best information to be able to make decisions that will deliver profit to your bottom line. The add-on can be installed with TradeStation 8 or higher. This is a shareware listed under business, finance stocks, portfolios,business, finance finance tools category.

Keywords: stocks iterations genetic selection tickers trades forex data models tradestation decisions infinite flexibility algorithm stock movements profiles bottom line variables even crash invision power board

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