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GPS.NET Global Positioning SDK

GPS is now becoming so accurate that industries are seriously considering how to put it to work for them, and it will soon become as common as the telephone. Quickly integrate GPS into your applications with this lightweight, multi-threaded .NET assembly which works with Visual Studio.NET and any language that supports COM. GPS.NET Includes methods for converting distance and speed measurements to English and Metric systems. Also included are powerful functions which can calculate the distance and bearing to any point on Earth. You can even use GPS satellites to synchronize your computer clock! Tested with Garmin, Magellan, DeLorme, and other popular GPS devices. Includes automatic error correction and data recovery. Documentation for GPS.NET Global Positioning SDK is very thorough, with an example accompanying each property and method. More advanced concepts such as 3-D trilateration, dilution of precision, and satellite tracking are explained in detail to help you understand how GPS works while you're putting it to work in your application. This assembly can be combined with GPS.NET Visualization Tools to create visual representations of GPS information which can be customized to blend into any user interface. GPS.NET Global Positioning SDK license is demo and it is listed in components, libraries software.

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GPS.NET Visualization Tools

Visualize GPS information such as satellite location, signal strength, bearing and direction to destination with this lightweight, flicker-free .NET user control. Includes properties to allow the control to blend with any user interface, including support for transparency. Requires GPS.NET Global Positioning SDK. components, libraries demo listed in components, libraries section.

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