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Build your own world business empire as an Arms Dealer. Buy a Mercedes. Hire an Agent. And a Secretary. Find a Lawyer. Get into plane. Travel around the world. Trade with more than 400 weapons systems, establish company offices, depots and military bases, hire bodyguards, solders, helicopters, tanks and build your private army. Game contains more than 25 missions including Bank Robbers, Central Intelligence, Drug Baron, Corporation, Oil Wars, Osama Bin Laden, Red Tycoon, Cold War, KGB Contract, Texas Billionaire, Find Sadam Hussein, World Empire, Mossad Operation and World War III. Mission objectives are various: make profit, search and destroy, rescue hostages and rob the banks. strategy and board games shareware listed in strategy and board games section.

Keywords: travel around the world texas billionaire drug baron sadam hussein army game mossad 25 missions business empire oil wars mission objectives plane travel solders baron corporation rescue hostages bank robbers search and destroy world war iii weapons systems world empire private army encryption modes left mouse

Build your own priva...


Build your own private intelligence agency. Travel around the world, trade with state secrets, weapon systems, spy codes, WMD, hire secretaries, agents, lawyers, helicopters and soldiers, establish agency stations, cells and bases and search for criminals and politicians. Involve in spy game. Bikini Spy Pack adds more than 50 Bikini Agent units. Game contains more than 30 missions including CIA Unlimited, Gen. Noriega, USAF, Colonel Gaddafi ,BND, Prime Minister, RAF, Cold War, Bin Laden, Sadam, KGB, Iran, Law Firm... Mission objectives are various: make profit, search and destroy, rescue hostages and rob the banks. GUNS GIRLS LAWYERS SPIES-Bikini Spy Ed. is a shareware categorized under games, entertainment adventure, roleplay tools.

Keywords: helicopters mission objectives weapon systems travel around the world spy game bikini wmd bnd rescue hostages state secrets intelligence agency search and destroy sadam kgb usaf colonel gaddafi secretaries noriega bin laden raf graphical adventure voice activated

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