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The EasyCom ActiveX ...


The EasyCom ActiveX control is a Winsock/Telnet communication component. It is intended for VB and VC++ developers to easily add communication capabilities to their applications. Examples of such communication capabilities might include handling and configuration of remote network equipments and servers, and getting information on such systems. This development tools software is listed under programming,activex.

Keywords: vc developers communication capabilities vb servers communication component activex control telnet communication winsock microsoft sql server 2000 design elements

Text editor ActiveX ...


Text editor ActiveX with syntax highlighting for many languages including Java Perl and Html. Features: wheel mouse, drag'n'drop editing, handling of DOS Mac/OS and Unix text files, splitter windows, word wrap, line column and rectangle selections, append to clipboard, indent unindent, bookmarks, multitext searches and replacements, recursive find in files, keystroke recording, sorting, spell checking framework, tab size conversions, external tools handling, and more. Language neutral. activex shareware listed in activex section.

Keywords: size conversions syntax highlighting mouse drag text files mac os java perl drag n drop html features activex languages unix text keystroke recording word wrap splitter windows external tools tab size dos mac rectangle windows word wheel mouse database works smart engine

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