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An elegantly simple ...

CallerID Box

An elegantly simple TAPI based caller ID application that duplicates the functionality of caller ID boxes that are sold in stores. Supports multiple lines and requires a TAPI compliant modem or telephony card. Built with Sunny Beach's CallerID ActiveX Control. CallerID Box is a software.

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Really Random Number...

Really Random Numbers

Really Random Numbers provides an alternative to pseudo-random number generators. Really Random Numbers uses a real-time number generation process based on white noise in energy from the PC's sound card. The result is random data that passes virtually all statistical tests of randomness and improves significantly over biased and predictable pseudo-random number generators. The software operates efficiently in the background with low memory and CPU usage. Random data is buffered for delivery in memory for delivery to other applications via an API and can also be written to file. Using either the data files or its simple programming interace, Really Random Numbers allows you to quickly retrieve high quality random data for use in your own applications. Sample applications and code are included for Visual Basic / VBA, Visual C++, and Microsoft Excel. The software is compatible with all versions of Windows 95 through Windows XP. A sound card and possibly a microphone are required. This is a freeware listed under mathematics category.

Keywords: pseudo random number microsoft excel microphone windows 95 visual c data files random numbers api cpu usage sample applications predictable random data statistical tests randomness visual basic vba time number random number generators white noise php debugger format chm

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