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See how much traffic you website is getting with this easy to install website hits counter. No cgi needed! Website Hits Counter Package After extracting the zip file you should have the following files: 1. Free Website Hits Counter; internet short cut right to the website hits counter website. 2. Website Hits Counter auto config; a fully functional web page that will configure and serve the java script code, it can be added to any website without any modifications. 3. Counter ID ; a short bit of java script code that produces a small box with a form that can also configure and serve the java script code, it can be easily added to any existing web page without any modifications. 4. SuperSearch html; this web page can be added to any website and produces a fully functional meta search engine it also needs no modifications. Follow these steps to install you website hits counter to your web pages, you can copy one script page as many times as you like for every web page on the same counter, or use different script pages for every page for separate counters or any variation you like. There are no limits on how many counters you use. Go to our website at or load and run any of the first 3 scripts in your web browser (you must be connected with the internet) and enter your own personal ID of any combination of letters or numbers for each different counter that you will be using. A new page will be served after you submit your ID code with instructions and the java code you will use for your counter in a yellow box. Copy and paste all of the code in the yellow area by highlighting the script area in yellow with your mouse while using a left click, when it is all highlighted point the mouse into the highlighted area and do a right click. A message box will appear and you will need to select ?copy?, open your web page html editor and left click in the area you want to place the hits counte. Website Hits Counter is a freeware categorized under java tools.

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