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GetFlash is the tool...


GetFlash is the tool software to help you save and manage the flash animations(*.swf files) in web browses. It is very easy to save all flash from web browse, includes Flash game, Flash card, Flash MTV and so on. You can save flash by Flash Toolbar and Flash Menu and you only need a simple click. After saved the flash, you can browse the flash tree embedded Internet Explorer. You can classify the flash, rename, and play. It is so cool, enjoy it right now. flash, download,animation,play,vcd,moive,game shareware listed in flash, download,animation,play,vcd,moive,game section.

Keywords: flash animation play vcd moive save manage animations swf browses c source

After a number of so...

Always Right

After a number of software installations and un-installtions, the registry becomes full of nagging file reference pointing to where the files used to reside but no longer exist. Always Right will find any files and folders that may have been moved on your hard drive and help you correct registry entries that point to them. And while the time past, your hard drive will have a lot of useless files(e.g. temp file). Always Right will find and delete them. So your computer's speed will become faster. And Always Right also adjust your system time with the world time. Always Right is a shareware categorized under rigistry, file, clock, sync. tools.

Keywords: rigistry clean sync- clock easily registry useless sync clock output data

Do you ever browse w...


Do you ever browse web pages in internet? Do you often feel the speed is not enough fast? Do you want to speed up your network? No problem, "NetSpeeder" will help you to realize your intention. NetSpeeder Wizard can apply 'recommended' settings automatically, you will easily speed up your network. You can use the "Test Speed" test and compare results of before and after optimization. If you want to set these parameters yourself, you can use "Fine Tune". NetSpeeder will recommend different settings for different network, e.g. Modem, ADSL and Cable Modem and so on. When you apply your settings and reboot your operating system, you will amazedly find the download speed is improved several times. DNS Accelerator actually helps you to connect faster to the sites you visit most often. Simply click on the DNS Accelerator button and check "Enable DNS Accelerator". And you can use URL Simplification, e.g. You input "hunter" in address bar of Internet Explorer, the NetSpeeder will automatically navigate the "". You can enable or disable the function in Advanced of Internet Options. You can get TCP information and ping a group of IP address. adsl,dsl,tweak,network,dns,accelerator,internet,modem,cable shareware listed in adsl,dsl,tweak,network,dns,accelerator,internet,modem,cable section.

Keywords: adsl dsl tweak network dns accelerator modem cablespeed-up simply easily speed custom buttons

The iHunter is a goo...

Internet Hunter

The iHunter is a good assistant to collect information or text data. You can collect data from browser by menu of the mouse right key: 1.Save page to iHunter 2. Save the selection to iHunter 3.Save the picture to iHunter. You can also collect data by dropping the selected text, html text, html files etc, You can drop them into the tree. You can classify and save your data, you can also organize your data again and edit them until you hope. Then you can make your data into a book(a CHM book) or HTML file. You can use it as simple browser. Now you can collect and share the information with your friends together. This is a shareware listed under ebook, tools,offline category.

Keywords: ie chm ebook hunter internet tools help information collect flash easily collect information product window caption

NetSpeeder2 is a goo...


NetSpeeder2 is a good network assistant, it lets you actually know the network status. you can actually see the total transfer data, average data transfer rate, maximum data transfer rate and current data transfer rate by displaying real-time graph, numerical display. and you can watch the address of current linking site. If you would like accelerate to browse your web pages, you can use the "Cache Pages" function. NetSpeeder2 will help you cache it to IE cache before you browse the web pages. Set "Block AD Window" options you would like block AD window(popup windows). This is a shareware listed under block,ad,popup,cache,ie,monitor,network,data flow category.

Keywords: block ad popup cache ie monitor network data flow pages leaves falling

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