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Paper-Label-Make is ...

Paper Label Maker

Paper-Label-Make is a professional software for printing paper labels, such as address labels, letterheads, flyers, file brochures, software and product labels. Main advantages are: High degree of accuracy - tolerance of printed content on labels is within 0.1 to 0.5 mm for the most of recent printers, so labels can be printed at exact positions as you want. Flexible designing - the program contains three kinds of projects, which are implemented for different purposes and satisfy for both business and personal requirements. Rich in properties - Border, Place, Image, Trace, Font and Align properties allow you to design labels in many nice styles. Support for all databases implicitly - customer data in any databases can be easily exported for printing customer related labels - such as post addresses. Easy-to-use - you can get start in five minutes then reach to all features naturally. This is a freeware listed under development other category.

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SyncJEdit is a free,...


SyncJEdit is a free, new, unique and advanced Java IDE, which contains many new tools, concepts and ideas. The IDE presents many new features, which are carefully designed from user's considerations E.g. SyncJEdit can automatically generate all listener's code for you, physically display class hierarchy of any class, check classpath errors, show class relationship graphically to optimize your project, and many more, all are unique. SyncJEdit is a development tools software.

Keywords: carefully optimize java ide class hierarchy classpath class relationship new tools image icon php5

Image copier is a wo...

Image copier

Image copier is a wonderful image tool developed for programmers, artists and normal users, such as company managers, office staffs. the software contains over 5,000 images (32x32 and 16x16 pixels). Each image is in six different styles, so totally the software equals to contain over 30,000 images. Images can be copied to clipboard for pasting by other applications (such as Photo-shop, Corel-draw). Images also can be saved as files (gif, jpeg, bitmap etc). All images can be resampled from 1x1 to 96x96 pixels. Those images are classified as different categories, such as people, animal, system, equipment ... Image copier is a development tools software.

Keywords: managers office 16x16 pixels photo shop jpeg bitmap animal system corel draw clipboard company managers image tool images gif jpeg files gif office staffs programmers text emails ie 6

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