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Integrates Schedules, Notes, and Contacts in one versatile package. Multiple import/export, save and print capabilities make Synconizer a straightforward, fast and secure PIM. Synconizer features sophisticated, and yet easy to manage Tasks, Notes, and Contacts modules. User data is extremely easy to Add, Edit, View, and Synchronize over the Internet. Multiple views and reports are even included with the program for your convenience. All data, stored in Synconizer is safely protected, using high- level encryption. Data interchange over the Internet is password-protected as well to prevent any leaks. Using Synconizer's ability to exchange data with other copies of Synconizer over the Internet means that the road warrior is no longer required to maintain his data on his notebook computer. It can be accessed or sent to any corporate or home-based installation of Synconizer, as long as it's connected to the Internet. Synconizer can also be used by a project manager to distribute tasks among a small team, without requiring interaction among the members. Synchronization makes all recorded tasks immediately available to all members of the team. This business software is listed under business, finance pims, organizers,office applications calendar and scheduling.

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