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ColorBtn is a custom...


ColorBtn is a custom component developed by Syringa Software for use in the Delphi (TM Inprise Corp.) programming language. As such, this component should be of interest mainly to licensed users of Delphi. ColorBtn is derived from the unit Buttons, which belongs to Borland's Delphi Visual Component Library (VCL) [Copyright (c) 1995,99 Inprise Corp.]. Beyond having properties of a pushbutton, ColorBtn has additional properties of color, both background color and font color--properties lacking in standard pushbuttons. Besides jazzing-up a form/screen with attractive color contrast(s), colored buttons may serve a useful program purpose as well. For example, in the program CalcSupreme, a Syringa Software application, featured at and elsewhere, the ColorBtn component is used extensively on Finance and Science screens to provide color code for specified keyboard combinations, where user might, optionally, prefer keyboard to mouse. Filename for the total (inclusive) component package is, where nn denotes inclusion of the following versioned Delphi component packages:,, [where 04, 05, 07 indicate applicable (compiled-in) Delphi versions 4, 5, 7, respectively]. Elements of each versioned package are the following: Pkg_ClrBtn.bpl, Pkg_ClrBtn.dcp, Pkg_ClrBtn.dcu, ColorBtn.dcu, ColorBtn.dcr, Readme_CB.txt, Disclaimer_CB.txt. ColorBtn is a freeware categorized under components, custom components, buttons, custom buttons tools.

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Syringa Software has...


Syringa Software has redesigned SUPON (formerly specialized for grocery/supermarket coupons) as a general database application. SUPON now organizes and tracks objects numbered and stored in numerical sequence: e.g., music library, wherein CD cases are numbered and stacked in sequential order on shelves; video library, wherein DVDs and/or tapes are similarly numbered and arranged; books_documents library; grocery coupons; or collection of any items that can be numbered and arranged in numeric order--for rapid identification and access. For historical reference and continuity, the name SUPON is retained.

SUPON is a small, very friendly--yet powerful--database program for easy management of the kinds of objects described above. Writing or sticking a sequence number on each object, you physically arrange objects in numbered order at your storage location. SUPON lets you build/edit the database and view/print it in different ways to quickly access the object(s) you wish.

When you first run SUPON, you see initially the file Open dialog, in which you select from several sample databases. Each database includes a pair of data files: filename.cds and filename_cat.cds . Load a particular database by opening either file of its pair (select one and get the other as well). You can edit any of the sample databases, including name, column headings, table colors, as well as data, and can copy and rename sets of files, according to your preference. On program exit, the files you opened at entry are automatically saved, along with changes, if any.

Although SUPON is easy to use, detailed help screens are provided, with step-by-step instructions and helpful suggestions. This home/hobby software is listed under general database, database management, home-library cataloging.

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CalcSupreme, an RPN ...


CalcSupreme, an RPN calculator emulation and much more, encompasses a wide range of fundamental and sophisticated basic, financial, math/science, and logic operations, accessible respectively via 4 different screens. Basic operations include arithmetic, algebraic functions, data manipulations, numeric formatting, and menu selections. Business/finance includes loan/savings, cash-flow, bond, discount, markup, depreciation, calendar, and miscellaneous calculations. Math/science includes log/exponential, trigonometric, hyperbolic, and user-designed functions (with NEW option for algebraic coding of user functions). Also provided are matrix operations, coordinate conversions, curve-fitting, plotting (linear and log), integration, differentiation, time, calendar, probability, and statistics. User can switch between simple variables and complex variables, where applicable. Logic operations include Boolean arithmetic in 3 principal number systems. But CalcSupreme does far more than emulate a calculator. Program uses multiple resources of PC and PC software, incl pull-down menus, message/dialog screens, file/list boxes, disk drive(s) and data/user files, clipboard, printer, near-full monitor screen for plots and printouts, hints for all functions, and detailed help screens--features generally not available in hand-held devices. Without spreadsheet labor, CalcSupreme makes common (and some uncommon) spreadsheet operations immediately available to you, the user. Also, you can exchange data between CalcSupreme and a spreadsheet or other program by use of menu items Cut, Copy, and Paste. Moreover, CalcSupreme has potential to expand--forever! In addition to planned upgrades of certain existing functions, new functions and tasks will be added as dynamic link libraries (DLLs). Beyond the 4 DLLs supplied with present version of CalcSupreme, framework now exists for additional DLLs, as listed in pertinent help screen (with framework to be added for DLLs yet to be identified). This is a shareware listed under calculator, math, science, engineering, business, finance, logic category.

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