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3D Morphing Balls ScreenSaver

This screensaver shows on your screen various three-dimensional shapes (polyhedrons) rotating and morphing one to another. There are 20 shapes - cube, sphere, torus, tetrahedron, octahedron and others. The edges of shapes are constructed from small balls. You may choose color and size of balls, change axis and speed of rotation. In further versions we are planning to add some new shapes. Please note that there are only 8 shapes available in unregistered version. 3D Morphing Balls ScreenSaver is a screen savers software.

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This is a screensaver ...

Lighthouse 3D Screensaver

This is a screensaver that will take you away from your everyday trouble. You will be able to free your mind from all the burdens as you enter the charming world of the seaside. Any lighthouse has a million stories to tell and these are stories of courage and struggle. They are told by the murmur of the ocean, the cries of the seagulls and the songs of the wind. Listen to these soothing sounds and watch the eye-pleasing scenery! Forget about all you problems and dive into this world of relaxation and meditation. This screen savers software is listed under system utilities screensavers.

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Pack your bags and get...


Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgetable journey because Discovera will take you wherever you want to go. Ever been to Cairo, Venice, Rome? Here is a chance to see these great ancient cities. Ever wanted to be a movie star or a cartoon hero? You get this chance too. This game will take you to the bottom of the ocean, outer space, a gloomy damp cave and a thousand other places. But to do that you have to be quick and skillful. You have to avoid the insidious enemies that are hunting you down. Great sound, graphics, and the widest choice of adventures bring the old Xonix game to an entirely new level. Good luck in your journey! Discovera license is shareware and it is listed in arcade software.

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Arcadia is the pack of...

Arcadia: the Fun Country

Arcadia is the pack of arcade-style games from TERMINAL Studio. Enjoy by modern remakes of well-known Snake and Xonix games titled as Worm 2000 and Discovera or try new amazing LawnMower game. Each game from this pack will bring you tons of fun. This games software is listed under arcade.

Keywords: snake pyton xonix lawnmower discovera arcade skin levels classic classical run speed worm skins qix picture pictures pack public domain

A uniquely challenging...


A uniquely challenging puzzle game for strategists of all levels from children to grand masters. BrickShooter is not just for people who can think and move fast. It's for anyone who enjoys solving puzzles and taking their own sweet time doing them. BrickShooter license is shareware and it is listed in games puzzles,games strategy software.

Keywords: brickshooter mindgame puzzle shoot shooter brick original challenge skin skins challenging strategists take their sweet time sophisticated user

This game will give yo...

Space Balls

This game will give you the opportunity to practice the skill of kicking a ball. Space Balls is played on a field with four sliders arranged on the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the screen. Balls are rolled towards the center, and the player tries to kick the ball with the bat. Space Balls have three game types. In the first game you should kick each ball. If a ball misses the bat, the bat falls down. You should not miss a ball, or you lose a bat. In the second game you should kick balls of one color. All other balls should miss the bat. In the third game you should kick color balls in a definite consequence. For each passed level you get an additional bat. In the easy mode balls are rolled from only two sliders. The game is over when you have no bats remaining. For each kicked ball in the first game you receive 10 points. Every 50 balls the Slowing ball appears. Space Balls license is shareware and it is listed in arcade, kids software.

Keywords: ball game space ball balls bat fall reaction action skill speed life bonus font type

BrickShooter Jr. is a ...

BrickShooter Jr. for Mac

BrickShooter Jr. is a new variant of the popular and challenging game for strategists of all levels from children to grand masters. It contains special options that make the game play more enjoyable. Enjoy solving each puzzle and take your own sweet time doing them! This is a shareware listed under games puzzles,games arcade,games strategy category.

Keywords: brickshooter mindgame puzzle shoot shooter brick original challenge skin skins junior new variant popular challenging strategists levels query editor


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