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This humorous screensa...

Song Bird Screensaver

This humorous screensaver gives us a unique look at a song bird. This cartoon bird tries very hard and puts his heart into singing but he his just not very good. This is a freeware listed under miscellaneous,cartoons, humor category.

Keywords: screensaver screen saver song bird cartoon funny humorous gives us unique look bi shell program

Lay down pipes before ...


Lay down pipes before water starts flowing and try to make it reach the drain. This a real brain teaser and additive game. Well, the aim of the game is to use various pipe fittings available in order to construct a pipe line from the water source to the shower nozzle in the shortest time possible.....Connection has been described as "A real skill game that'll keep you on your toes for a while". puzzle, thinking freeware listed in puzzle, thinking section.

Keywords: connect puzzle think arcade plumbing pipes taylor kid child adult quick lay down before water starts flowing try make reach drain c project

This clock shows Disne...

Mickey Mouse Clock Screensaver

This clock shows Disney's famous Mickey Mouse on the clock face. His hands are the hands of the clock and his tail is the second hand. This long time favorite will please any child, as well as, all Mickey fans. It includes mutable music and like the other clocks, it's completely accurate. This is a freeware listed under miscellaneous, cartoon, walt disney category.

Keywords: screensaver screen saver mickey mouse clock walt disney cartoon child kid shows disneys famous face hands game type

Run around with your s...

Armadillo Knight

Run around with your sword killing everything in your way. Try to beat the levels and rescue the dansel in distress. There are lots of different enemies so be careful. Some enemies are stronger than others so a hit with the sword may not take care of them. See if you can guide your Armadillo Knight to the end and defeat the dragon and recscue your princess. The arrow keys move your Armadillo Knight and the space bar swings your sword. Armadillo Knight is a freeware categorized under kids, adventure tools.

Keywords: armadillo knight kid child action fun arcade adventure run around sword killing everything way try beat level clip files

These are the same bab...

My Baby Dance Screensaver

These are the same babies that are in the ever popular "Da Babies" but this time they dance synchronized like the "Music City Rockettes". This screensaver also includes mutable music and adjustable speed. This is a freeware listed under desktop screen savers people category.

Keywords: screensaver screen saver baby dance music city rockettes animated fingerprint scanners

Oink! Oink! If Pigs ar...

Piggy Clock Screensaver

Oink! Oink! If Pigs are your favorite animals, here's a Piggy Clock screensaver you must have. These pink cuties will keep perfect time and make any computer a conversation piece. It includes mutable music and like the other clocks, it's completely accurate. This screen savers software is listed under miscellaneous, clock, animate.

Keywords: screensaver screen saver pig cute kid fun animate clock accurate hand unusual tells time stacking blocks display shows hours alphabet lessons

What could be more ent...

Moonlight Dancing Penguins Screensaver

What could be more entertaining than dancing penguins? See a horde of penguins all dancing in the moonlight amid gently falling snow. They dance to the mutable music "Winter Wonderland". Moonlight Dancing Penguins Screensaver is a freeware categorized under miscellaneous, winter, penguins tools.

Keywords: screensaver screen saver penguins snow christmas moonlight could entertaining dancing see horde unix type


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