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Techlogica TechTris

Techlogica TechTris 1.2 is a free Tetris game with customizable background and block graphics, standard and extended block sets, and an extensive scorekeeping system. Customizable graphics TechTris comes with several different background images and block graphics, and also allows you to use your own graphics if you wish. Extensive scorekeeping in "TechTris Hall Of Fame" TechTris keeps all your high scores in a "Hall Of Fame", complete with start and end levels, lines cleared, score, and a player rating. No spyware or information gathering of any kind. With spyware so widespread today, you can rest assured that Techlogica will never include any spyware whatsoever in our products. games, entertainment arcade freeware listed in games, entertainment arcade section.

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Techlogica HTTP Serv...

Techlogica HTTP Server

Techlogica HTTP Server 1.03 is a free and easy-to-setup web server. If you are a developer and you need an easy way to locally test a website based on PHP or CGI, our HTTP server is perfect for you. Our server also has full traffic logging and writes logfiles in Combined Log Format. This is a freeware listed under servers web servers category.

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