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tssTrayNotify in an ActiveX / COM component that places a clickable icon in the system tray, while providing a popup 'balloon' style tool tip that instantly provides visual feedback for your users. This makes an ideal replacement for informational message boxes because it is non-intrusive. It doesn't pop up in the middle of the screen, and it will eventually go away on it's own. This provides a more productive working environment for your users. Our component makes it simple to implement this functionality, unlike the components some of our competitors offer. All you need is a single function call to create the icon and show the balloon tip. The icon and tool tip can also be modified with a single function. Our component also provides notification of various mouse actions, such as moving, clicking, and double clicking, and provides it to you in the form of events. tssTrayNotify is simply the easiest to use tray notification component available today! - Easy to use - Short implementation time - More efficient UIs for your users - Provides a modern user interface - Four different icon styles - Multi-line text - Bold text headers - Catches mouse actions through events. activex controls components libraries programming demo listed in activex controls components libraries programming section.

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Have you ever seen t...


Have you ever seen those incredible looking tool tips that Microsoft and others have begun using in their applications? Did you ever want to be able to have them too? With tssBalloonTip, now you can! tssBalloonTip consists of a COM DLL that can be used to add a balloon tip to any control with a window handle. It converts the ordinary, mundane looking tool tips into visually pleasing and more informative 'bubble' like windows. Balloon tips give your applications visual appeal, while giving them added functionality. If you want to have the same stylish tool tips that your competitors are using, then you need tssBalloonTip! Feature Listing: Modern looking user interface Four different icon styles Supports multi-line text Bold text headers Customizable forecolor and backcolor Auto-hide and time-delay Auto-center to owner control. This development tools software is listed under programming components.

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ProgressBarXP? is th...


ProgressBarXP? is the XP style progress bar control for Visual Basic. You can now have the XP Luna style even if you aren't running on Windows XP. Several drawing styles are available. There is an XP Luna style that works on all Windows platforms (not just XP), as well as more traditional thick and thin borders. ProgressBarXP is also the only control available that properly draws progress bars in any XP Visual Style, even third-party styles. An auto-detect system style means that your progress bar will always look correct. Pictures can be assigned to both the background and progress fill area, giving you lots of flexibility in your progress bar's appearance. Shadow and glow effects add visual appeal and enhanced text readability. The text that is displayed is also configurable. By default, the control will display an automatically calculated percentage, but you can assign specific text to display. Our unique text callback event lets you dynamically change your text on the progress bar increments. ProgressBarXP fully supports Unicode text, tooltips, and right-to-left reading modes, so you can be sure your software is international-ready. Some of ProgressBarXP's Features: -XP Style on All Platforms -Visual Styles Support -Standard, Smooth, and Marquee Scrolling -Customizable Colors and Fonts -Many Drawing Styles -Unicode Support -Configurable Text Shadow and Glow Effects Lightweight (only 76kb). ProgressBarXP is a development tools software.

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PopupNotify is an Ac...


PopupNotify is an ActiveX control that lets your applications display MSN style popup alerts and notifications. Popup Notifications gracefully fade in and slide up above the taskbar tray, and can be set to disappear by themselves after a few seconds. PopupNotify is very easy to use. You can get started with a basic MSN style popup with just one line of code! Customizing your popups is also very easy, so you can create all type of new looks with very little coding. You can customize the color and font of the text, as well as the alignments of the text and pictures. PopupNotify can display gradients at any angle you choose, and offers three different border styles. With the photo border style, you can display popup photos that are automatically resized. PopupNotify also fully supports the Unicode ISO 10646-1 and UCS-2/UTF-16 standards, so you can use international characters (Japanese, Russian, Arabic, etc.) in your programs. * MSN and XP style interface * Balloon style tooltips * Three border styles * Gradients can be vertical, horizontal, or at any angle * Popup and tooltip can be made semi-transparent * Automatic thumbnails and image resizing * Configurable timeouts (also supports infinite popups) * Text and pictures can be aligned 9 different ways * Supports popup sounds (file or resource) * Unicode and Right to left reading support for Arabic, Hebrew, etc. * Lightweight (only 70kb). This is a demo listed under activex, vb, controls, components, com, programming category.

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OfficeMenu is the ea...


OfficeMenu is the easy to use ActiveX control for VB that gives your application Office XP style menus, as well as the new Office 2003 style menus in just minutes. You don't need to write any code, you just drop it on the form, and you're done. No coding! The OfficeMenu ActiveX control supports all the great features you'd expect in a menu control. The control is fully owner drawn, and supports icons, checkmarks, custom fonts, submenus, accelerators, and more! Our control mimics the Office XP and Office 2003 menu style to even the smallest details, including alpha-blended shadows, icon blending effects, custom disabled state icon effects, blended colors, and Visual Styles support. Your user interface is the first thing that your users will see. It might not matter if you have better software, because if it doesn't look good, it won't sell. OfficeMenu will give your applications a more professional appearance with very little effort. OfficeMenu is a demo categorized under activex, user interface, vb, programming, visual basic, com, components, libraries tools.

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TaskPaneXP is an Act...


TaskPaneXP is an ActiveX control that accurately emulates the task panes, or 'Explorer Bars', that are found in Microsoft Windows XP. Task panes provide a flexible way of presenting a group of related tasks to your users. TaskPaneXP provides you with a graphically rich, modern looking, visually appealing way of presenting logically grouped sets of choices. Windows XP uses them in Explorer to present options relating to files and folders, pictures, searches, and many other common tasks. This control can be setup to use Visual Styles under Windows XP, as well as emulated Visual Styles and 'Classic' styles under all versions of windows, even older ones like Windows 98 and NT 4.0! TaskPaneXP has two modes it can operate in: normal and 'condensed' modes. In condensed mode, the groups are enveloped in a larger overall group that maximizes functionality while minimizing the amount of screen space needed. TaskPaneXP automatically detects when the system's color schemes and Visual Styles have changed, and supports embedded controls, so textboxes, buttons, and custom controls can be added to the display. Even better, TaskPaneXP is only 127 KB in size! activex, vb, components, programming demo listed in activex, vb, components, programming section.

Keywords: activex vb task pane explorer bar explorerbar xp gui user interface style control table data

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