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A tool similar to wini...


A tool similar to winipcfg but built for operation on XP, 2000, NT operating systems. Able to print configuration, and print or purge dns records. XPIPcfg is a software.

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Spyware 101 is full of...

Spyware 101

Spyware 101 is full of information and resources that will help educate people about spyware, adware and parasites. These types of software are now more common and more malicious than viruses. Spyware 101 will teach you how to differentiate between software that is ok to install, and software that will probably cause problems. Spyware 101 is a software.

Keywords: spyware guide adware interface style

Turbo-Finder is a sear...


Turbo-Finder is a search utility that works well for webmasters and everyday users alike. It's advantage over popular search engines is that it is not bombarded with billions of pages per day fighting for placement, therefore it only returns valid results on your query. search tools freeware listed in search tools section.

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Puzzle Pack 6 features...

Puzzle Pack 6

Puzzle Pack 6 features photo's of animals in a zoo environment, nicely done puzzles with beautiful shots. Puzzle Pack 6 is a audio software.

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Puzzle Pack 7 features...

Puzzle Pack 7

Puzzle Pack 7 features beautiful photo's of Lake Michigan's shores and the Mackinac bridge. Nice sunsets, natural driftwood, seagulls and our wonderous lake as far as you can see. Puzzle Pack 7 is a games software.

Keywords: free puzzle electronic puzzle computer game puzzle game michigan puzzle pack features beautiful photos lake wine collection

Gimme is a desktop fre...


Gimme is a desktop freeware/shareware menu system intended to help you find software downloads on the internet. Gimme has over 200 direct links to download pages for all kinds of software. Gimme will stay on top of your browser to simulate an added menu. Gimme is a audio software.

Keywords: link links adware trialware tweak navigation gimme desktop menu system midsize business

Software selections wi...

Software Selections

Software selections will allow you to check our database of freeware for new applications without the need to go to our website. Software Selections is a audio software.

Keywords: screensavers xpipcfg popup stopper password selections will allow check our database new taken control


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