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I created this tool because I wanted to find a way to search my HDD for duplicate file names (designed first for MP3s). I then added the ability to check CRC32 so if the file is name completely different but the CRC is the same then it can detect those also. There are four modes to verify duplication, (1) Both files same file name length checks for common characters, (2) Both files different filename length (file 1 longer or shorter) check for common character groups, and (3) Check the file CRC32. I thought this was better because most file duplication checkers I have seen do not check for file name. This is important in MP3s because I could have TWO MP3s of the same song, but created by different people so they will have a different CRC32 but will have the same OR similar name. duplicate file finder freeware listed in duplicate file finder section.

Keywords: duplicate file checks hdd filename length file names crc checkers modes mp3s crc32 mode features chosen time

It is real handy for...


It is real handy for people who do not have a DVD burner but have a DVD they want a copy of... they would split the DVD into even pieces of like 700MB using this program and then burn them each to CDs. My program supports disk sizes of 1.44Mb - 9400Mb. This program will NOT retain the autorun with the spanning (under development). None of my software contains any spyware, adware, any other malicious code. I distribute this as freeware for a reason. No way anything else gets installed to your machine!!! IF YOU TRY THIS AND IT DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU -- EMAIL ME!! Need a custom application, contact me!! Now Supports CD Burning (with XP)!! This utilities software is listed under file utilities.

Keywords: email disk sizes adware cd burning spyware even pieces malicious code contact me now autorun addictive puzzle import functions

If you need a free t...


If you need a free text search and replace tool, here it is. No cost, no malware, no spyware, no odd-ware of any kind and it is totally free. Please use it and report back any thoughts, bugs or whatever on it!! This also has the ability to have favorite paths associated with the settings so no need to re-enter anything. SrchRepl is a freeware categorized under text search and replace tools.

Keywords: bugs totally free free text search spyware search and replace malware high efficiency search strings

SendMyDiags is used ...


SendMyDiags is used to send diagnostic information to a trusted technician. This tool utilizes the scripting capabilities and emails back the results of WMI queries to allow a technician to diagnose your troubles. There is the ability to filter the script results, reset the results and preview the email with attachments before you send it out. The Microsoft MAPI control I use (the latest) has a memory leak in it so once the email is invoked (completed or not) SendMyDiags will exit to avoid compounding the problem. Microsoft has yet to come out with a solid fix for this. diagnostic utilities freeware listed in diagnostic utilities section.

Keywords: scripting mapi queries memory leak wmi attachments script results email microsoft preview thumbnails protection tools

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