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B4Failure, the most ...

B4Failure (IP Monitor)

B4Failure, the most comprehensive IP, Network and service monitor for your infrastructure. Offering built in checks for checking perf. counters, network accessability, diskussage, eventlogs and much more. If B4Failure cannot fulfill your needs it allows you to write your own scripts. B4Failure is designed to use in small companies, aswell in larger scalled companies. All monitors are grouped in sites and locations, making it easy locating where the monitors are, and controlling user (Systems Administrators) access to them. This all-in-one application gives you a complete overview of your network and it's status anytime, from anywhere, through the new powerfull webconsole - all you need is a webbrowser. The built in notification que collects all mail from B4Failure before it delivers them, ensuring that no email notifications are lost. If a network error occurs, B4Failure will deliver them as soon as the network connection is restored! The new selfsystem recovery, checks the database timestamp for changes. If B4Failure should hang on a check, the servicehelper will shutdown the mainservice after 15 minutes and restart it, ensuring that your monitors are never down for a longer period of time. The builtin Dynamic DNS backup prevents checks from failing if your DNS service fails. When checking a monitor B4Failure resolves the hostname to a IP address, which is then saved. If a DNS failure occour, B4Failure will use the last known IP number for the Monitor. This gives you the ability to survey servers, that doesn't use a static IP, even if your DNS fails. network, internet network monitoring shareware listed in network, internet network monitoring section.

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Serverwatch PRO is t...

Serverwatch PRO

Serverwatch PRO is the ultimate survey monitor for your network. Offering built in checks for checking performance counters, network accessability, diskussage, eventlogs and much much more. Furthermore SW-Pro offers you to write your own scripts, in case the build in options does not fullfill your needs. All this come with a complete package of usable interfaces and warningmethods, I.E. emails with part of your eventlogs, audio and much much more This all-in-one application gives you a complete overview of your network and it's status anytime, from anywhere. Use the monitor on your workstation for remote warnings about pending errors/warnings, and take action before it gets critical. The easy of use administation interface, let you group your surveys for easy error finding, giving you a complete network status at the tip of your fingertips. Serverwatch offers you everything, no less, no more. This is a shareware listed under network category.

Keywords: fingertips anytime usable interfaces scripts performance counters surveys checks workstation sw fullfill isdn phone intersections

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