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Sticky Photo 2004

1. Background Photo sticker is a colorful, self adhesive sticker which frames a photo of people. Itís imported from Japan a few years ago, but itís still very popular among teenagers, they would like to stick them on their wallet, cellphone, or postcards to send to other friends. Actually, itís also an easy way for people to keep their friendship in memories. The pictures have different backgrounds(frames), for example, flowers or the ocean or funny characters such as Kitty or other animals. People can change the photo style as they want by just selecting different frames from thousands of choises, so the result photos can be great to express their personality. Today, photo sticker is not just a moden thing, for many people, it has become a great helper for capturing the funniest moments in life. They even wanna share and exchange their photos on the internet. But now the problem is, the photo sticker just can be taken in its shops located in some area. In fact, the photo taking process is simple, if there are enough hardware and software resources can be very easily used, this job can totally be done by the home users themselves. so they donít have to go out, and just facing their PC, with their friends, by just pushing a few buttons, it will be done and having great fun. So the region limitation can be solved. 2. Introduction In order to let people make photo sticker more easily at home by themselves, we developed the Sticky Photo 2004 program. It doesnít like some programs just open the foreground image, select the background(frame) images, and combine them. In this program, people can see their movement dynamically in the preview window through the PC camera. That makes people feel like the same of doing this in front of the machine in the shop. The ultimate scene we have been looking forward to seeing is that: With a PC and a Camera accessory, he can totally share this brand-new enjoyment with his family or visiting relatives at home. Sticky Photo 2004 is a shareware categorized under hobbies tools.

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