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Remote Desktop Inspector

This software product lets to supervise desktop of the remote computer and meant for those who want to know what other people do. It is useful and very powerful tool for employers who want to control their employees; for the parents who usually spend more time at work and have no another way to verify what are their children doing. It helps when remote customer wants to show his/her desktop to you but do not want to give you full control on his/her computer (like another remote desktop solutions will). Remote Desktop Inspector allows you to monitor unlimited number of remote desktops. While creating new connection to another desktop, you may choose one of two possible mode of image refreshing - automatically and by request from user. Auto refresh mode allows you to specify delay between image renewals. At any time you can save snap-shot of the current remote desktop screen as file in BMP format. You can make video from a set of images of another desktop. Viewing of remote computer desktop can be password protected. Therefore no one will be able to access to monitoring information without your acceptance. This is a shareware listed under network, internet remote computing category.

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Toleron SchedInspect...


Toleron SchedInspector application aims for helping people to stay on schedule with minimum efforts spending. Such useful features as computer clock adjustment accordingly to atomic world clock are provided together with essential desktop notifications and custom programs scheduled execution. Built as native Windows application, SchedInspector uses system tray and lots of generic Windows features along with authentic user interface design and ergonomics. Basic approach used to create SchedInspector was user friendliness and convenience. SchedInspector users are able to schedule often used operations with single form that is very user friendly and kind. SchedInspector features: * Quick and easy schedule monitoring * Single screen for scheduled operation settings management * Fits the system tray * Flexible schedule settings * Different start-up types * Event sounds support * Multiple recipients for mail messages * Supports different types of authentication for outgoing mailings * Scheduled action lifetime management * Temporary disable switch * Notification windows are always on top Toleron Software hopes that SchedInspector will help our customers to make their lives easier and discover number of advantages using this product and other products from Toleron. desktop clocks, alarms shareware listed in desktop clocks, alarms section.

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