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El Kartero Professional Ed.

El Kartero lets you send multiple email messages, using a database or other data source as your contact file, and using a single HTML or text file as your template. You can include tags to dynamically replace certain information on the email from your records, such as a contact name, address, or any other field you can imagine. Working with El Kartero is very easy. Just create a text or html template for your emails, select a database, set a few properties for the campaign, and let El Kartero do the rest. Keep in touch with customers and prospects the easy way. Save your campaigns for future manual executions, or use the built in scheduler to automatically run a campaign according to your specific needs. Create rich HTML messages, include graphic files such as logos, music through MIDI files, flash animations and many more! El Kartero will automatically embed all this files, saving you the complications of having to know the internals of MIME complaint emails. Use any OLEDB or ODBC data source! including text files, excel files, access, sql server, Oracle, and many more. If you have an ODBC/OLEDB driver for your contacts data source, you can use it with el El Kartero! El Kartero is THE product to send opt-in or marketing massive emails. No other product on its class features such a rich array of options. Include customized text from database fields in the email body and the subject line with ease. Send rich, full featured HTML emails. Automatically embed files (graphic files, sounds, even flash animations!), or reference this files to the web for online viewing. Built-in scheduler for automatic execution of email campaigns. Highly optimized C++ SMTP object for ultra-fast email sending. Runs as a native NT Service on Windows NT/2000/XP (Enterprise Ed.), or as a win32 service on windows 95, 98, and ME (Professional Ed.). The Built-in Job Editor Wizard makes the task of defining email campaigns (jobs) very easy. This internet software is listed under email tools, marketing email, email campaign manager.

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