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Computer Sweeper can...

TopLang Computer Sweeper

Computer Sweeper can scan your disks for junk files and erase found junk files easily. your computer contains a lot of temporary and obsolete files, these junk files waste your disk space and slow down the speed of your computer. By using Computer Sweeper, you can easily find out these junk files and erase them.Computer Sweeper also can erase the Cache, cookies, typed urls, history of your Internet Explorer, erase the recent documents list and recent run list of Windows. by using its powerful additional tools, you even can delete one or more individual entries for these history datas. disk tool shareware listed in disk tool section.

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Destroy your files b...

File Pulverizer

Destroy your files beyond recovery. File Pulverizer can delete your files quite so that others can not recover them, it support delete files and folders by right-click them in Explorer and choose remove from context menu. It can delete your folders directly too. It is more powerful than other similar software, more functional and more easy to use. This utilities software is listed under files utility.

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By using Net Magnet,...

Net Magnet

By using Net Magnet,the only thing you must to do is find text and picture you want to save,"Copy" it or drag it to the "Drop Box of Net Magnet". Net Magnet do other things for you. Net Magnet will save your copied text or picture to a file of your disk and rename it with a better name. This internet software is listed under data collect.

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This is a powerful u...

Desktop Lock

This is a powerful utility software that can lock all items with your computer,just like Mouse, Keyboard, Desktop etc. When your desktop has locked, none can modify your document even it is opening, access your computer to browse your document, to modify something etc.can not reboot computer by press Ctrl+Alt+Del.Desktop Lock provide more Helpful and useful options than similar software, and hope it is the greatest of kind of Lock-Desktop soft. This is a shareware listed under system security category.

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TopLang OE Backup ut...

TopLang OE Backup

TopLang OE Backup utility is a backup tool for MS Outlook Express and MS Outlook. it can backup your mails, address book, signatures, message rules, block senders, accounts for each identity from the Outlook Express and MS Outlook software. with its easy to use wizard interface, you can easily backup or restore your email data with Outlook Express and Outlook Express. This utilities software is listed under disk tool.

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