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Triplehash Hutmil is an individual and batch image, audio, web page and generic file editing program. It provides tools to rapidly perform common operations on individual image, audio, web page and generic files as well as on large numbers of these files. Hutmil can flip, rotate, resize and crop images, as well as make standalone and web-based slideshows. It helps you maintain your audio files by providing ID3 and Ogg Vorbis comment tools. Web developers can use Hutmil to perform global changes to their site. All this amounts to significant time-savings and a greatly improved PC experience. Hutmil license is commercial and it is listed in utilities,imaging,digital photography,editors,web editors,html editors software.

Keywords: ogg vorbis time savings batch image significant time web developers web based audio web pc experience slideshows tools web crop images global changes audio files web page cross fade tray application

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Triplehash SiteBreeze lets people with no web-design knowledge update your website. Being desktop-based, you can work on the content offline, and then publish to the web at a later stage. SiteBreeze generates HTML, so it works with any web server. SiteBreeze supports multi-language, multi-version websites and side-by-side translation. You can publish your website with the click of a button to one or more local or remote destinations. SiteBreeze license is demo and it is listed in content management,web development software.

Keywords: translation design knowledge content offline click of a button web design web server time preview setup time

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