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TuneUp WinStyler

TuneUp WinStyler lets you change the way Windows looks on your computer. You can change the look of the complete desktop easily. The start menu, taskbar, even the panels and windows of all modern applications get a new look with the click of a button. offers You can change the look of nearly any icon. Thanks to numerous themed icon packages you can even change all icons in one go. You can of course create your own symbol packages and share these with friends. TuneUp WinStyler simplifies finding your favorite drive or folder - just add an individual icon to any start menu, favorites or folder item. Change the Windows logon screen and make it look the way you want it to look. TuneUp-WinStyler will let you renovate the complete "look" of Windows. Customize the long screen and alter the look of your entire desktop. You can also assign icons to an drive, folder, favorites entry, or start menu folder. You can modify the icons for previously unchangeable icons like "My Computer", "Recycle Bin", and more! Create packages from your selected symbols which you can easily send to your friends and family. And, when you get bored, visit TuneUp Online which always offers fresh symbols, visual styles, and logon screens for you, all of which are downloadable from us free of charge. One click and the chosen element is available in TuneUp WinStyler. TuneUp WinStyler lets you have Windows look the way YOU want it to look and makes all your programs look better and brighter! Try it today. desktop enhancements, themes shareware listed in desktop enhancements, themes section.

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TuneUp Utilities

TuneUp Utilities

TuneUp Utilities ...configures your system and provides information about it. TuneUp SystemControl allows you to customize your operating system to your needs. You can modify optical effects, security settings, input options and the memory management system. Use TuneUp Icon Engineer to change any important Windows icons. TuneUp StartUp Manager manages the programs that are started when Windows boots and TuneUp System Information provides extensive information about the hardware and software on your computer. ...repairs problems and removes unnecessary clutter. A lot of unrequired garbage collects on your hard disk during normal usage. TuneUp® DiskCleaner scans your hard disk for unnecessary files and removes them. Another useful tool is TuneUp RegistryCleaner which removes invalid entries, references and links. It also finds errors and corrects these. By correcting errors in the registry and removing the remainders of old programs your system's performance will be visibly increased. ...optimizes the performance of your PC. TuneUp MemOptimizer monitors your system in the background and automatically optimizes your memory when it's required. TuneUp System Optimizer allows you to run maintenance tasks such as cleaning the hard disk or registry with a simple mouse click. These tasks can even be automated. Optimizing your internet connection is simple too and allows you to improve your speed when surfing the web or downloading files. ...helps you manage and control your system. Use TuneUp Process Manager to find out which programs are using your memory and to end unwanted applications. TuneUp Registry Editor is a tool that allows you to safely edit your registry. Unrequired programs can be easily uninstalled using TuneUp Uninstall Manager to recover valuable space on your hard disk. ...recovers files and protects your privacy. TuneUp Shredder protects your privacy by securely deleting sensitive files. Recover deleted files using TuneUp Undelete. TuneUp Utilities license is shareware and it is listed in system tools software.

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