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Add voice buttons to your website, emails, auctions, and more. Quickly record, convert, and generate streaming MP3 files and upload to your website in just a few clicks. Now you can add instant streaming voice content to any website or email in minutes. No subscription fee's, No per minute charges, just clean, clear streaming sound in an instant. All in One Solution, nothing else to buy! Features: - Record, Playback, and Publish your voice files in 3 easy steps! - Step-by-step wizard makes it super easy, even for beginners. - Add voice to your Website, Emails, and Newsletters - Unlimited Use, no monthly fee's Benefits: - Start converting your traffic from browsers into buyers! - Add instant credability and trust - Speak to your customer, as if they are right there. - Broadcast Voicemail announcements to your customers and sales staff. - Reduce email and support questions. Creates streaming Flash files that play instantly, no waiting. No downloading players, or plug in's, One Click Publishing of your files to your own server, or ours. Generates HTML and Voicemail files, just copy & paste. My Website Talks! is a audio software.

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