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Software that is a user-friendly software application witch safely stores your user names and passwords for websites, banking, e-mail accounts and more into a secure database. It also allows you to safely store other important information such as Credit/Debit Details, Bank Account Details and anything else you would like to keep a secret. When your information is saved to the database, the highly acclaimed 128 bit Blowfish encryption algorithm. This demo UltraSafe is categorized under security, privacy password managers.

important information random passwords witch

AGIS for Windows

This graphics utility is a mapping and simple GIS shareware package. Plot your own geographic data on the map of the world provided without the high cost and steep learning curve usually associated with this kind of software. Paste high quality map displays into other applications. Animation, web serving, distance measuring, searching, GPS and integration with other systems are also suppported. AGIS for Windows is licensed as shareware and placed in gis and mapping, geography, science, education section.

national exchange ms word animation web

Advanced Network Monitor

This utility 1.2 is a tool that monitors servers located on your local network and the Internet. After problems are found on the monitored servers, ANM immediately notifies the Administrator about the problem via 9 different ways. This shareware is archived under system utilities file, disk management category.

server tests mssql network messaging


Parental control tool that blocks or allows selected websites in Internet Explorer. It can block access to a website given a full URL, domain name or stop keyword. Restrict access to social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Myspace, website with questionable content and even completely block all sites from view on a target computer. Additional features include file downloads blocking, settings access and uninstall password protection. AllowBlock is licensed as shareware and placed in security, privacy access control section.

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The DBF to XML program allows you to convert your dbf files to XML (Extensible Markup Language) format. XML is a universal data format. It is convenient for a migration of information to a new platform because it is simple and understandable for many other applications. The program supports dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, VFP and dBase Level 7 formats. This shareware is archived under business databases, tools category.

foxpro format xml migration

CoffeeCup Web JukeBox

This internet tool makes it easy to place your mp3 music collection on your Website. Included are dozens of cool skins to that will match any Website design. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can add your entire music collection of mp3's and allow your visitors to listen to them. There is no longer a need for you to embed a media player in your webpage, just paste the code created by our program into your existing webpage and presto! CoffeeCup Web JukeBox is a shareware software filed under audio, multimedia audio file players utilities.

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Pong Project

This game is a multiplayer pong game for EXTREME PONG enthusiasts. It includes an awesome feature allowing 1 to 3 of your friends to actually play the ball! Play 1v1v1v1 or 2v2... 2 humans vs 2 comps battles! Pong Project is licensed as demo and placed in games, entertainment arcade section.

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Pathogen Roleplay Wizard

This software allows an instructor to create questions for students to answer while navigating through worlds, in and out of time, solving riddles, breaking codes--somewhat like Myst but with your questions. Turn your content matter into riddles and quandaries for your students. Get them interested in what you teach! Put this software on all your computers for the low price of a single instructor license. This shareware is archived under education teaching, training tools category.

pair students space time smartboard

Lode Runner. Episode II: Bungeling Away

This game. Remake of the 80s hit, one of the first games to fuse arcade with puzzle elements. Second episode of series by ZX Games. Another set of 75 levels for those who have completed the first episode. Infinite lives, quick save & load, level browser, full-screen & window modes. Unforgettable spirit of the classic combined with up-to-date gameplay and user interface. And level editor. This games shareware Lode Runner. Episode II: Bungeling Away is categorized under games, entertainment arcade.

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