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pdc Form Reader

pdc Form Maker concept is based on the use of two programs. The first program pdc Form Maker, this program allows for the creation and testing of the form. The second program pdc Form Reader is an input program for filling in the forms and reading the forms. The form reader is a Free program. Both programs allow for multiple pages and multiple forms to be open at the same time. This allows for the transfer of information from one form to another. Business freeware pdc Form Reader is listed in makes business forms tools.

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Want to retire from the dull office routine for a minute or two? Fun&Bullets is a spectacular arcade to satisfy your wish. You'll become a Wild West cowboy who has to break the buildings of the Indians with a tennis-like ball. Your objective is to aim the ball so that a succession of dynamic actions will happen. Stylish graphics and music give life to various inhabitants of the range that react in a comical manner when hit by the ball.

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MSN password logger

The most powerful and effetive msn password sniffer. The most powerful and effetive msn password sniffer. This programe can record the msn password that has once logged in the computer. Click MSNPwd.exe to start the MSN Password Logger. Then click begin monitor button. Then the monitor will start when the system starting. When you want to stop the monitor, Click MSNPwd.exe to start the MSN Password Logger. Then click stop monitor button. All passwords will be saved on your hard drive. MSN password logger is a shareware software filed under password manage utilities.

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Monitoring software SysTracer is a system utility tool that can analyze your computer for modified files, folders, registry entries, running processes, loaded dlls, startup applications and services. Each SysTracer scan generates an overview image of your system, image that we call snapshot. You can take an unlimited number of snapshots, at any time you want and compare them for differences.

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Add custom buttons directly to Internet Explorers own toolbar which can be used to launch any program or document on your computer. Easy-to-use interface lets you to define button text, icon, associated "Tools" menu command text, and even the text to be displayed in I.E's status bar when the mouse cursor is over the menu item. New version lets you use any ico files from your hard drive as button icons plus many more new features and improvements. This internet freeware AddaButton is categorized under browser add-ons, browser utilities, launch bars.

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Repair Shop Director

This office and business application is your complete automotive software solution. Not only our we dedicated to developing the best shop management software but also understand that automotive software is only as good as the company that supports it. Repair Shop Director is a shareware software filed under business inventory, barcoding utilities.

complete automotive shop management software also understand that

Neo Snake

Little snake Jimmy was happy to prepare to the Winter. It had collected enough food to live fine. But some days ago a strong hurricane had passed through. Wind threw far around all items and Jimmy's food too. And now Jimmy has to go through 5 worlds: - Flora, - Water, - Metal, - Stone, - Fire and find all his items.

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Recover files that have been deleted by mistake from your computer. This includes files cleared from the Recycle Bin, images and other files that have been deleted from digital camera memory cards or MP3 players. You can even recover files that have been deleted by bugs, system crashes and viruses. This utilities freeware Recuva is categorized under system utilities backup, restore.

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This internet software is a very useful tool to monitor your network bandwidth. Whether you are a serious downloader, running a web or FTP server, wanting to keep tabs on how fast your connection is, or just keeping an eye on your network activity, iMeter is the tool for you! iMeter works with virtually any network adapter, from dial-up modems to Ethernet 10/100 and even Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g/n Wifi, DSL, Cable modem, and Satellite.

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