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HomeWeb -Web Browser for Home Search

Looking for a home? Want to know your neighborhood information? Do you know how many sex offenders near you? How much is your monthly payment? HomeWeb is the powerful tool you need. All-in-one to make your home search easy. Save time on home search. HomeWeb is an IE based multi-tabbed-window browser for home search. It provides some important information: such as: school, neighborhood, map, ex offender information, mortgage payment calculators.

realty websites tabbed window charter schools

Unit Mate

-Customizable unit Converter that Converts easily between many kinds of measurement units,visible units are selectable ,Powerful foreign currency exchange rates calculator that converts multiple currencies simultaneously using the latest rates updated from our website instantly ,Powerful Mathematical & scientific formula Calculator that calculates athematical,algebraic and trigonometric functions ,Physical Constants & Elements Information

unit converter foreign currency exchange formula calculator

Pax Galaxia

This game is a fast paced and addictive real time strategy game, based on the board game Risk. You will be amazed at the strategic depth of this game, even if it is very easy to learn and play. You will have to conquer stars, break up and force your enemies fleets to surrender, carry out rapid attacks and tactical retreats. Multiplayer modes are available (online and by taking turns on a single computer). A level editor is included.

fleets all stars special abilities


Software that is a product that allows you to enter the function in a symbolic form and to display its graph. Supports taking the derivatives and parametric functions.

x0 derivatives complexity

Controlling an uninterruptible power sou

The program for controlling a UPS allows you to considerably extend and supplement capabilities of your uninterruptible power source, to control and adjust an electric power supply in the office and at home. The program is simple in installation and in use. This utilities shareware Controlling an uninterruptible power sou is categorized under system utilities automation tools.

parameters local network notifications

Easy POP3 Email Checker

This internet utility is a Windows email notification program that constantly watches all your POP3 email accounts for specified incoming FROM addresses and subjects and alerts you by playing WAV sound files. Watch for incoming email from specific people. Watch for incoming email with specific subjects such as a business order was received. Reports specified FROM addresses and subjects and alerts you, but leaves email on your email server.

wav sound files pop3 email accounts incoming email


Auto resize the controls of your Visual Basic form when screen resolution changes. DF_Resize is licensed as shareware and placed in development active x section.

resolution changes visual basic


This development tool is a lightweight, easy to use, intuitive object modeling and coding environment for Java. Create and manage classes, attributes, methods, inheritance and association relationships in the fastest way possible - visually. Switch between high level design tasks and low level coding tasks with the click of a button. Create new classes, establish relationships then drill down into the generated code to edit a method body. Development Tools shareware Javelin is listed in web development java, javascript tools.

attributes software development lightweight

Description Extension

DescExt is an extension to the Windows 9x/ME or Windows NT 4/2000 explorer to show 4DOS descriptions. It hooks into the context menu and the property sheet of any file or folder of any explorer window. This freeware is archived under desktop category.

compagnon 4dos descript


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