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reduce the size of your web pages by compress as much as 80% while keeping the appearance of the page the same.

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Install or Remove Flash Active X i one click, this the Smallest Download size on the web. DMF is licensed as freeware and filed in activex, flash tools, section.

Web Image Guru Suite

Web Image Guru, the powerful graphics suite for everyone who need to optimize image color Web Image Guru is a suite for optimization of image color and tonal balance, sharpness, noise level, bit depth, and file size. It was created as a specialized tool for web designers, but then it was greatly extended and now this is a set of three high quality imaging applications: Image Guider, Filter Studio plug-in, and Web Image Guru plug-in itself.

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This internet tool is a small executable which traverses your IIS logfile directory, reads IIS logfiles, calculates bandwidth per logfile and produces a grand total. An indispensable tool for IIS administrators and hosting companies. LogFileManager is a shareware software filed under web servers web statistics, pc downloads and internet utilities.

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Page Size Checker

Enter a url from your website and press check. The program will download all of the components that make up your website and tell you how big it is and how long it will take to download. Page Size Checker is licensed as shareware and filed in web development site administration section.


Easy backup to DVD and CD for large amounts of files, photos and music. After the first full backup, you usually need only one disk per backup, even if the data you protect is hundreds of gigabytes in size. Because you don't have the time to learn everything about backups, we've kept it simple: Just choose your files and go. There are no complicated things to set up. Restoring is also simple: Pick the backup date, pick your files and restore. Abbackup is a shareware software filed under system utilities backup, restore utilities.

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PAD is a new submission standard for programmers to present their software information to software publishers and journalists. but PAD is much more functional. The PADbased_UpdateChecker scrutinizes all PAD-based programs for the latest updates and can be compaired with harddisc versions. If an update exists it can be downloaded with one mouseclick only. The user may include any PAD-based program to the list or remove unwanted entries. PADbased_UpdateChecker is licensed as freeware and filed in file management, internet tools section.

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ConceptDraw WebWave

Web site architecture, diagramming, schematics and prototyping tool. It is essential on the stage of web site/application design, prototyping, and page mocking-up. Specially designed for professional webdesigner, webmasters, developers, architects. ConceptDraw WebWave includes more than 4590 ready-made graphics, shapes, templates and wizards for quickly creating professional diagrams and drawings. Development Tools shareware ConceptDraw WebWave is listed in web development site management, web development site mappers, web development web design utilities, internet website management, web development miscellaneous, web development style sheets, multimedia and design presentations tools.

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Advanced Drive Protector

Password-protect, hide and lock your local, network, Floppy, CD/DVD and USB drives. Disable the AutoRun feature for selected drives to prevent unauthorized software installations and virus penetration from the removable media. Ensure both security and privacy by protecting drives with sensitive information. Protect the program with a password to prevent unauthorized uninstallation and modification of security settings for regular PC users.

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FileTimeEdit 2

"FileTimeEdit 2" is for you to batch edit all the attributes of files and directories freely. You may select a group of files even directories, and change their createtime, modifytime, accesstime and other file attributes in batch. Moreover, the undo function allow you to rollback the operation easily. Utilities shareware FileTimeEdit 2 is listed in file tools tools.

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Chemistry program with large database of questions. Consists of teacher and student version. Student version allows for answering questions & receiving marks. Teacher version allows for answering as well as editing all aspects of a question. Contains a teacher organizer for easy mark manipulation and quick export to 'Excel', 'CSV'. Program has the ability to recognize incorrect answer, point out mistakes & steer students in the right direct. OrChem is a demo software filed under chemistry utilities.


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