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WinTasks 4 Professional

This software gives the advanced computer user complete control over all running processes, making advanced resource managment, problem solving and optimizations far easier. This shareware is archived under system utility category.

running processes computer user advanced computer


This internet tool delivers individual search results to each computer user based on his/her professional interests and hobbies. t refines the search results by moving the results that are more relevant to you to a higher position on the list. This internet freeware SearchRefiner is categorized under network, internet other.

professional interests computer user search engine

FastStone MaxView

Tiny, fast and innovative image viewer that supports all major graphic formats. Its intuitive layout and commands allow an computer user, from beginners to professionals, to view and manipulate images quickly and efficiently. This freeware is archived under graphic apps viewers category.

pcx tga pef

Free Video Converter

Video converter Convert from one of these video types :AVI,MPEG,MPG,ASF,WMV to one of the following video types:AVI,MPEG layer 1 and layer 2,WMV(Windows Media Video),RM (Real Media)&Batch conversion, load a list of video files then convert them all. Free Video Converter is a freeware software filed under multimedia and design video editors utilities.

video formats businessperson mpeg layer

Mailbag Assistant

If you're buried in e-mail, Mailbag Assistant is guaranteed to save you time and frustration. This user-friendly application complements your mail program with powerful tools to search, organize, analyze, archive and export your messages. This shareware is archived under e-mail, communication, internet category.

mail programs mailbag assistant mail program

SilentVault Personal

A special encryption vault named "SilentVault" is created. User opens / locks this vault by simple log-in and log-out controls. Uses industry-standard strongest AES 256 encryption to hide data for security. Locked data is invisible in explorer. SilentVault Personal is a shareware software filed under security, privacy encryption tools utilities.

security experts high performance laptop computer

Free Folder Hider

Folder Hider can hide and password-protect your files, folders, pictures, and documents in seconds. Free Folder Hider is licensed as freeware and filed in encryption software section.

security protection family members unauthorized users

EzyTrans 2003

Teach your bank statements to reconcile themselves and reduce your accounting data entry up to 80%. Import and export transactions to your favorite accounting package, including Quicken MS Money, or even Excel. Business shareware EzyTrans 2003 is listed in personal finance, business finance, accounting, utilities tools.

time basis bank transactions accounting software

Geek In A Box - Vista

Geek In A box is a system control board, designed for beginner computer users. With this software a person with absolutely no computer knowledge will have the ability to make changes or adjustments to their computer. This shareware is archived under system utilities automation tools category.

mine sweeper set desktop computer knowledge

HTML Rich Text Area

The HTML Rich Text Area is a web browser tool that replaces textareas with a powerful WYSIWYG editor. It implements a user interface familiar to any Windows user enabling even novice computer users to quickly format text in a variety of styles. HTML Rich Text Area is a shareware software filed under web site management utilities.

user interface novice computer users font sizes


This utility is a tool that has been designed to fulfill certain privacy needs of a computer user. It records activities and key strokes, provides hot keys for several actions and erases or edits Internet traces in different comfortable ways. This shareware is archived under keylogger, web washer, evidence eliminator category.

User Control 2003

This software allows you to block any undesired window title or any application / EXE-file. On the Internet you can define exactly which contents shall be allowed and which not. Varied blocking possibilities for Windows Internals (e.g. system con. This utilities shareware User Control 2003 is categorized under system tools.

7Way Email Checker

This internet software is a full-featured email checker that alerts you when new messages arrive in your POP3 e-mail account. It's easy to configure and it offers advanced notification options. Very easy and simple to use. 7Way Email Checker is a shareware software filed under e-mail checkers, e-mail notification tools, e-mail spam fighters utilities.

Ashampoo Office 2006

This office and business application. Your New Office Suite. With Ashampoo Office 2006 you can get your work done faster, with higher quality and for a fraction of the cost of some other office suites. Business shareware Ashampoo Office 2006 is listed in business other tools.

Actual Keylogger

This software is a free key logger that records every keystroke to an encrypted log file. You can view the reports as HTML or plain text. Actual Keylogger cannot be seen in the task manager, programs files menu, system tray or uninstall list. Actual Keylogger is a freeware software filed under security tools key loggers, security tools pc access control, utilities system utilities, utilities miscellaneous utilities.

PCSentinel's Smoking Gun: Keylogger and More!

PCSentinel's Smoking Gun! monitors and records all keystrokes, web pages visited, applications used, takes periodic screen shots, and provides parental controls! Easiest-to-use keylogger and monitor software on the market. PCSentinel's Smoking Gun: Keylogger and More! is a shareware software filed under security, privacy covert surveillance utilities.

Sekhol Finder

A tool for automating Internet search jobs. Combines web crawler functionality with advanced keywords text search and logical analysis of the document layout. Can be used for deep web searches. Sekhol Finder is licensed as shareware and filed in internetsearch tools section.

#1 Anonymous Proxy List Verifier

This internet utility is the perfect tool for being anonymous on the Internet. It's an all-in-one program that offers you all the standard features plus many more which you will not find in other programs.


This internet utility intelligently Navigates the Internet letting you Rapidly Explore search engine results and Websites. SmartWebReader Finds What You Want and Filters Out the Rest to bring you more Extensive and Accurate Results than Surfing by hand. This shareware is archived under network, internet search and lookup tools category.


PhotoMagic version 2.0 is an excellent tool which allows you to quickly rename, resize, convert and apply special effects to multiple images in just a few easy steps. Photomagic is licensed as shareware and filed in graphic apps viewers section.

Screen Calipers Mac Edition

Version 3.2 of's popular design software offers great new features to accurately and effectively measure anything on a computer screen with pixel perfect accuracy. The Screen Calipers are for the first time available the Apple Mac. Graphics shareware Screen Calipers Mac Edition is listed in graphic apps other tools.

SnapKey: Parental Internet Monitor

SnapKey provides the one-stop solution for parents who want to insure that their kids are safe. SnapKey runs in the background, completely undetectable, and monitors all computer activity. Parents access SnapKey anytime to insure their kids' safety. SnapKey: Parental Internet Monitor is a shareware software filed under internet, home, kids utilities.

Advanced X Video Converter

Advanced x video converter is designed to meet all your needs of converting, joining and splitting video files to AVI, MPEG, VCD/SVCD/DVD, WMV/ASF formats. Extract original movie sound track from video files and convert video frames to pictures. Advanced X Video Converter is a shareware software filed under video utilities.

Backup Wolf

The Surgical Backup / Recovery System: Easily create Backup Profiles that target any file or folder on your computer. One click of a button and your files are backed up and safe. Quickly recover from any data loss by selecting the Restore option. Utilities shareware Backup Wolf is listed in backup and utilities and file tools.

Outlook Express Accounts Password Recovery

This utility is a tool for recovering forgotten or lost passwords to Outlook Express POP3, IMAP, NNTP accounts. The program recovers and visualizes the settings of Identity, mail and news accounts of Outlook Express. This shareware is archived under security, privacy password managers category.

User Finder

This utility scans your network computers to provide details of which user is logged onto which computer throughout your network. Finding users on your network just became easier. This utilities commercial User Finder is categorized under system utilities.

FlexiMusic Composer

Produce song by composing your samples & voice. Make your own song at home on your PC. Arrange your samples rhythmically and make small music cycle of looping melody and add effects.Sequence them on unlimited no of tracks to compose music with lyrics


This utility(tm) creates thumbnail index pages of graphics image directories. It automatically writes all of the HTML code required for building a Web page, and creates the thumbnail images that are a key part of building a page that will load quickly. ThmIndxr is a shareware software filed under internet, graphics, development tools utilities.


This tool is a full-text search utility . Search any files on your computer or local network by it content and file name. It will find anything you're looking for, even if you don't know how to spell them, or it is misspelled in the files.

Filehand Search

Free! Instantly search files and Outlook email on your computer. Results displayed in order of relevance with scrollable extracts. Choose the alternative list view to sort by file name, date, etc. Use tabs to move among different search projects. Filehand Search is licensed as freeware and filed in system utilities file, disk management section.

Actual Spy

The spy program for stealthy computer-activity monitoring. Records all user actions and the system events. Intercepts all keys being pressed (keyboard spy), takes screenshots, records program start and close events, monitors clipboard contents. Actual Spy is a shareware software filed under system utilities monitors, system utilities security utilities.


This internet tool is spy software that allows you to secretly monitor and control Intenet and computer use. Spy Software that logs instant messenger, browser and keyboard activity. You can also record screen shots of all activity at set intervals. This internet shareware IMSurfSentinel is categorized under security, privacy covert surveillance.

Ip2Ip by Jvw, Inc.

Global IP Advertising tool which can increase your sales. This shareware is archived under advertising category.

RightBackup Lite

Right Backup Lite is the best solution for computer users who has some important documents, pictures, e-mail messages stored on their PC and needs full security. It is a must for every computer user, especially home users. RightBackup Lite is a shareware software filed under system utilities backup, restore utilities.

Premium Booster

This software will optimize your PC in just a few easy steps. You will quickly notice that its magic really works and that your Windows becomes more stable if you keep using Premium Booster. Premium Booster is a shareware software filed under system utilities registry tools utilities.

Masking Password Generator Std. Edition

Easy-to-use random password generator for individual computer users or large enterprises. Pattern a mask after your corporate password policy and never worry about thinking up compliant passwords again. Great tool for system administrators! Utilities shareware Masking Password Generator Std. Edition is listed in security, password generation tools.


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